Atlantic Energy Solutions, Inc. (symbol: AESO)

Conserving Today for Tomorrow’s Future!

Atlantic Energy Solutions, Inc. (Symbol AESO)is an Energy Efficiency Company that develops and finances energy efficiency projects for any, and all types of buildings.
Creating positive cash flows, reducing expenses, increasing net operating incomes through energy efficiency projects is our core business.

More impressively, increased corporate and building values resulting from our projects provide our customers newly created equity value and long-term financial benefits.
Providing energy reduction, carbon reduction, energy tax credits (RECs), building greening, and renewable and sustainable energy solutions.
Headquarters are located in Saratoga Springs, NY. They also have an office in Fairfield, NJ.

Why should you invest in Atlantic Energy (Symbol: AESO) ?

Increased Positive Cash Flow

Customer Utility Spending: aesologo
Energy Conservation Project With Atlantic Energy – Money Saved(50%):
Cost of Improvements:
Positive Cash Flow After 5 Years:

Energy Expertise
*Preliminary Proposal – Identification of Opportunitiessummer energy
*Detailed Investment Grade Energy Audit
*Guaranteed Savings Agreement
*Government Assistance Programs
*Engineering and Design / Build
*Construction and Management
*Commissioning and Performance Monitoring
*Employee Training
*Monitoring and Verification
*Maintenance and Service – optional
*Utility Rate Analysis and Report Generation – optional

With all these incredible things going for it, we wont mince words, we think Atlantic Energy Solutions(symbol AESO) can hit our conservative target of
$1.15 /share within a year. That would make for a realized gain of over 1,000%
secure a profitable, and environmentally conscious investment today!

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