TzuFuma, Inc. (MMUH) is an UnderValued Company for all the right reasons

TzuFuma Inc. is a wholesale distributor business of Electronic Cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes are technological marvels which have the look, taste and feel of a real cigarette without any combustible components and produces water vapor instead of second-hand smoke. The advantages of this product are apparent since no actual smoke by-product is created, and users have the freedom to enjoy smoking in establishments currently smoker unfriendly.

Summary: Financial Performance (YTD)TzuFuma Inc.

Year to date , the Company’s performance has resulted with average sales of 9,700 kits per month at a price of $49.99 spread over 2 product lines and $19.99 for a standalone product.
In addition, 15,000 refill kits spread over two product lines have been selling at an average price of $39.99 per refill kit.
The Company has built its business primarily through selling product to numerous independent distributors, kiosk operators, retailers and direct to customers through the internet.
Management estimates that immediate future demand for its products are approximately 150,000 kits per month spread over 3 product lines.
Year to date, the Company has generated just under $5,000,000* (Five Million USD) (*unaudited) in gross sales.

The electronic cigarette or electric cigarette is a truly ingenious product that enables the smoker to actually smoke but without having to inhale any of the 4000 plus chemicals found in the standard cigarette. Intellicig have created their very own electronic cigarettes that provide the smoker with a healthier method of enjoying a real smoking experience. The electric cigarette looks just like a normal cigarette, tastes like a normal cigarette even provides smoke when inhaled (in the form of water vapour), and provides the smoker with a hit of nicotine but without the smell, tobacco, tar and many thousand chemicals that can harm our system.

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