Revolution in Green Evolution

Refill Energy, Inc. (Ticker: REFG) a Nevada renewable energy company based in Salt Lake City, UT is looking to revolutionize the green energy industry through its patented stratified down draft gasification technology.

From many years of research, REFG has developed and manufactured a Stratified Downdraft Gasifier Module to create economical energy from renewable and non-renewable sources that will make significant contributions in solving (a) environmental air pollution and the growing global climate changes, and (b) creating commercially economical electrical energy and fuels.

While gasification processes have been around since the 1800s the challenge has  been creating renewable energy in a cost efficient manner.  More recently, the focus in creating renewable energy has expanded from cost efficiency to include green energy.  A way to create renewable energy in a cost efficient and eco friendly manner, that’s exactly what REFG is has created.

REFG’s cutting edge technologies can convert any carbon-based compound into clean Synthesis Gas (Syngas) by a proprietary process that sustains a constant extreme temperature of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. The carbon-based input feed stock materials can be coal, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), sewer and agricultural waste, tobacco, and any biomass, also waste oils, crude oil, etc or combination of these.

The Synthesis Gas (Syngas) produced can be: (1) Burned directly in a gas turbine or internal combustion engine to create electricity economically without any environmental impact — 100% environmentally safe, and/or (2) Converted to Dimethyl Ether, Ethanol, Jet Fuel, Diesel fuel, and/or 92 Octane gasoline through Fischer-Tropsch or University of Utah technologies.

Simply, Refill will turn our waste into energy.

As  demand for energy grows around the globe, world leaders must face the fact that supplies of traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels are finite and limited.  We had a taste of that impact in recent years, going back to the oil embargo of the 1970s and in more recent times the skyrocketing fuel prices 2006.  Gas prices went over $5 dollars a gallon, which certainly left a bad taste in consumers mouths. Gas prices still sustain a high price lingering near the $3 mark, a far cry from the .99 cent gallon back in 1999. This along with increasing environmental awareness has prompted a significant push toward investment and development of renewable green energies.  Currently the United States, a primary consumer of fossil fuels, is lagging behind in the green energy sector.  Another issue that plagues America is its dependence on foreign oil.  These are two issues that Refill Energy has plans to remedy.

In March of 2009, President Obama laid out plans for more than $200 Billion, yes that Billion with a capital B, on clean-energy spending over the next 10 years.  According to the Clean Edge Clean Energy Trends 2010 report, during a global financial crisis the three major clean energy sectors (wind, solar, biofuels) were able to grow 11.4% over theprevious year.   South Korea has committed $84 Billion to clean energy growth while China could spend as much as $660 Billion over the next 10 years, putting them in the lead by far.  Global investment into clean energy should reach into the trillions of dollars.

Also according to the report, over the next 10 years global clean energy is projected to grow over 134%.  Try and find another sector with that type of potential.

Citing Green Chip Stocks, in 2009 the biofuels sector brought in roughly $ 44.9 Billion. Global production of biofuel reached 23.6 billion gallons.  Global oil consumption reaches 1.3 trillion gallons a year.  23.6 billion gallons would supply the world for seven (7) days.   That leaves a huge gap to fill between oil consumption and biofuel production.

The companies that can successfully produce biofuel at a cost efficient and competitive manner are gaining the attention of investors.  Below is a chart of some publicly traded companies focused on biofuel production.  Only 2% of the worlds liquid fuel needs are currently being produced from biofuels.  Eventually the world must shift away from finite and limited energy sources.  That leaves a huge gap to fill and a huge opportunity for companies such as Refill Energy, Inc. with cutting edge technology to not only produce energy efficiently but environmentally responsible also.

The flagship project for Refill Energy and Nueva Esperanza is the construction of a 200 Megawatt Coal to Electricity facility in Peru; resulting in substantial sales and royalty earnings to Refill.

“The ability to play a key role in creating true ‘clean coal’ electricity in Central and South America is a phenomenal ‘first step’ in our development. To partner with a company with three generations of coal mining operations gives us a tremendous advantage,” stated Mit Ebeling, President of Refill Energy.

When is the last time you felt good about your investment?

Get detailed information on Refill Energy, Inc. and its technology at

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