City Capital Corp (CTCC) shoots up over 20% on solid news

CTCC UP 20% On Great News

CTCC today announced a pivotal partnership between RE Advanced Technology (a company that specializes in bar and nightclub installations of the interactive sweepstakes gaming systems), and Bar Management Group which has relationships with over 150 nightclubs and bars across the country and the installation of gaming equipment at NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. owned Whiskey River in Jacksonville, FL.

This is significant because this is the first major step for CTCC expanding into the bar/restaurant sector…  Keep in mind that CTCC was averaging 7 new sets of machines a week previous to moving into bars and restaurants.  We expect to see the number of machine installations increase significantly with this new development.

Since its move from under .1 in mid May, CTCC has continued to hold its position pushing up toward the .30 mark.  The last float count according to was 1.3 million roughly, that’s not big at all.  It looks as if accumulation has been occurring in the .20s. Accumulation and small float = fast move up on increased positive volume.   Undervalued and underexposed = opportunity for all of us.

Below: Our Technical Analysis Department has done the tedious task of examining the specific reasons why this chart is a screaming buy, click the image for more.

Link to the Full PR in detail:

Clean Sweeps Holdings Revs Up Expansion With New Strategic Partnerships

Below is a picture we received from the company.  We wanted to see what a typical set up looked like in a small location.

This one is at their new Virginia Beach Food Mart location: 649 Newtown Rd Virginia Beach VA.

As you can see there is a bit of interest from the patrons of this small location.  I wonder how much extra revenue it generates for the store owners? If you have ever travelled through Nevada, you probably noticed how many gas stations, C-stores, restaurants and bars have their own gambling machines.   The difference here is, THESE ARE SWEEPSTAKES MACHINES.

Our Conservative Target: $4.50 / share in the next 12 months.

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