CTCC Profit Machine: Reasons to invest in this UnderValued Play

Expanding at a rapid rate, City Capital Corp. (CTCC) is on pace to double it’s footprint in just over a year.

Currently, CTCC is producing revenue from over 100 locations and over 3000 machines in operation in states like North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Arizona, Louisiana, Georgia, and three more underway.

“They’re called “Sweepstakes” gaming machines… Just like McDonald’s Monopoly game or Coke’s under the cap games… each computer is loaded with games where consumers can play for their chance to win.”

CTCC plans to spread nationwide, so far they are doing a great job of that…  There is a good chance that you could see a CTCC machine near you soon.

CTCC is currently securing deals with major retail partners and is installing 7 sets of gaming machines each week.  At this rate, CTCC is looking at doubling its footprint in just 14 months.

Watch for more expansion announcements!

At the helm is celebrity CEO Ephren Taylor.  You may have seen him on major nationwide media like Montel Williams, 20/20, The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, and so much more.

Imagine the exposure when your ticker is streaming across national TV channels during an interview.

Recently, CTCC stock has moved off recent lows into what looks to be an uptrend on increased volume…  That’s always a good sign.  Could CTCC stock grow as fast as its business?   Not to mention, CTCC is a fully reporting company.

CTCC has primed itself as a takeover target by a larger company looking to get into the sweepstakes business.

Some Key Points:

  • A proven management team with experience not just in the sweepstakes business, but similar proven ATM, vending, and retail operations.
  • Headed by celebrity CEO, Ephren Taylor who has been featured in nationwide media, like Montel Williams, 20/20, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, The Today Show, and many more.
  • CTCC goes above and beyond all state regulations by giving 20% of all profits to charity (this is a TRUE sweepstakes).
  • Tested for over two years in stores across the nation to produce solid numbers (from $300 a month for the bottom 10% to upwards of $10,000.00+ a month).
  • Only competition is from small “mom and pop” operations that, in many cases, are becoming partners.
  • Lock on gaming software and technology.  CTCC has a proven system to open new locations time and time again.
  • Partnerships with celebrities, including Dale Earnhardt’s Whiskey River in Jacksonville, Florida.

BREAKING NEWS ! – Clean Sweeps Holdings Revs Up Expansion With New Strategic Partnerships http://sn.im/x9k2q

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