Breaking news: City Capital Rings Up New Sales With Sweepstakes Addition

City Capital Corporation’s (Pinksheets:CTCC – News) wholly owned subsidiary Clean Sweeps Holdings, LLC announces exciting results from the 21 gaming units positioned in Kernersville, North Carolina. Clean Sweeps Holdings LLC manages the Coffee N Calls in Kernersville, which garners the company 40% of the location’s revenues. The company is currently positioning Sweepstakes Income gaming terminals in retail locations across the southeastern United States. Retail entities in NC are now experiencing stunning growth rates as the wildly popular gaming phenomenon continually brings in new clientele, and revenue.

Sweepstakes Income games allow players to win cash prizes at terminals located in shopping centers and kiosks. The games attract players of all types, diversifying the clientele that frequent retail business entities. Comparable to the McDonald’s Monopoly gaming concept, Sweepstakes Income games are 100% legal, yet they offer far more feasible probabilities for achieving victory. And perhaps more significantly, owners of Sweepstakes gaming machines regularly experience significant, rapid revenue generation that is simplistically sustainable.

The figures generated from the 21 Sweepstakes gaming terminals in Coffee N Calls over the past five months demonstrate exponential growth rates and strong social proof statistics. On average, each gaming terminal is generating total unaudited gross monthly income of just over $430 per terminal. Considering that the retail price to the general public is $4,997.00, mid and long-term ROI levels are considered exceptional. A consistent month-to-month increase in gross profit margins has been experienced during the last five months of 2010. Further, the total amount of unaudited revenue for the Kernersville installation generated by all machines during the inaugural month of January ($8,496.48) is less than the amount generated between May 10 and May 25th ($8,867.00) in the same location. In total the unaudited gross revenue generated by the 21 machines since January was approximately $73,335.00.

Ephren Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of City Capital Corporation, commented, “What these units generate for a retail merchant, in the midst of a severe economic recession is nothing short of incredible.”

Gaming terminal owners agree to pay a percentage of proceeds to Clean Sweeps Holdings, LLC, which in turn donates a hefty portion of every penny earned to various charities and other socially conscious projects. The entire Clean Sweep Holdings, LLC gaming system presents a win-win-win situation for consumers, retail business owners and individual entrepreneurs marketing the opportunity. For the consumer, a 100% legal cash incentive based gaming system presents an exciting avenue for entertainment. For retail business owners that house the units, an influx of new clientele is experienced. And for the owners of the gaming units, affordable, sustainable passive income streams are generated.

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