Making The Right Moves

Refill Energy (REFG) seems to be heating up a bit lately. Notably, on July 6, the recent press release expressing  the Company’s commitment and intent on more transparency by completing the information needed to file a Form 10 and list on the OTCBB.   In the press release, CEO Mit Ebeling stated, “As we garner additional international attention, the transparency is crucial.”

Today the stock traded up off its recent lows 8.2% or .0053 on over average volume.  We should note that recent activity shows bid support in the .05s and .06s with the spread starting to tighten up significantly.   Its starting to move in the right direction.

Management seems to be moving the Company in the right direction so far.  Keep in mind this company sits well within the Green Energy Sector, which still commands a great deal of attention from the investing public.

A recent announcement and increased volume many times points to upcoming activity.  With that in mind, some items to watch for are increased volume, upcoming announcements on filings and financials, any contract or partnership announcements. The chart below clearly illustrates the fact that the stock is ready to break out of two key resistance points at .12 and .20 — meaning the stock could easily climb back to the .50 level if those are taken out.

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