Largest Social Network for Traders Reports Record Traffic

The numbers are in – 2010 was a breakout year for social networking site , a Minneapolis based social network for active traders. According to the recent analytics, the site managed to pull in over one million page views for the year 2010. While only two years old, this number handily dwarfs the 2009 traffic estimate of half a million page views for 2009.

“We’re experiencing tremendous year-over-year growth. At the current rate, we anticipate 2011 to be another year where we double our traffic.” Says founder of Roger Carter

Other start-ups have been hemorrhaging money to try to get ahead, whereas our venture has done phenomenally well through word of mouth, and basic viral marketing on the web. Mr. Carter goes on to say;  “Our costs remain low, so that allows us to provide our members with a free, streamlined, and simple destination for them to come exchange ideas with other professionals NASDAQ and OTCBB traders in a moderated environment.”


A professional community for traders, the site offers social network appeal for a new generation of investors. Enjoy Live chat access 24/7 , customizable profiles, apps, twitter integration, blogs, videos, RSS, charts, groups, forums, and events just to name a few of the features. Sign up today Absolutely Free!

Traddr, Inc.

35 Ottawa Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55417 USA

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