MC Endeavors, Inc. (MSMY) is so UnderValued



MC Endeavors, Inc. (aka MCE) is a publically traded company OTC-PinkSheets: “MSMY”. We are working globally to be the leading provider of natural disaster resistant building systems that use steel tube framing systems and rigid closed-cell foam insulation instead of conventional structural wood framing and rolled fiberglass insulation. MCE is an international Smart-Home Builder and Sustainable Community Developer utilizing green technologies such as solar, wind, and biogas powered generators along with water remediation and retention storage systems. We are a corporation that “holds” several technology companies. We are architects, engineers, and inventors that think “out-of-the-box” so-to-speak when it comes to building technologies and green community planning. Below is a list of what we focus on:


 International Smart-Grid Home Builder

 Earthquake & Hurricane Resistant Residences

 Independent Self-Sustainable Community Developer

 Green Master Planning – LEED Certified

 Water Remediation & Retention Storage Systems

 Sewage Digestion & Remediation Systems

 Multi-Fuel Generators

 Our mission is to be the premier provider of natural disaster resistant housing and small commercial buildings that can withstand the constant onslaught of hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes while still remaining economical and environmentally sensitive. MCE has researched and developed structurally superior products and systems that are designed with safety in mind for building occupants and will eliminate the rebuilding of homes and businesses after every hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. By providing our customers with long-lasting products that are environmentally friendly, we offer safety and a viable green alternative to wood and unreinforced masonry building systems. Our systems and products also play a key role in project designs that are eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Ask yourself why?

I want you to think about why hundreds of those mobile homes and most of the stick and brick homes disappeared in Tuscaloosa a couple of weeks ago. They just vanished. And the insurance companies are going to buy the same type mobile homes made with 2”x2” studs as a replacement for those who were lucky enough to have survived and had tornado insurance. Why do that? Ecomomics?  For almost the same cost they could purchase and build a home that was constructed differently, with alternative methods and technologies that could stand 225 mph winds or an 8.0 earthquake. We need to educate and we (MCE) need to be the designer and builder or even better, the master planning firm and the developer. Acceptance of “change” is our biggest obstacle. The building industry (here in the US) has big lobbyists and big money and they construct with only the “bottom-line” as a goal. You would think that building with “safety” is a common goal and an important issue, but it really is not. Using wood for structural elements and fiberglass insulation for passive temperature protection are bad practices. Period.

We build with 2”x2” welded steel tubing for strength and then we use Rigid Closed Cell Insulation for passive temperature protection. So our “enemies” become Weyerhaeuser and Owens-Corning.

So when we weld a lightweight steel roof truss to our welded tube wall modules to our welded steel floor joists and then spray closed cell foam 4” thick under the roof deck, in the walls and then under the floor between the floor joists, you have created an structural “igloo” that will not move and will not burn. And when we anchor the steel building frame to base isolators, the building will absorb all movement created by hurricane winds and earthquakes. Our homes cannot have the wind sucked out of the house and never implode like the buildings did in Tuscaloosa or burn down like the houses in the Texas wildfires.

Costs? We roll all the tube steel in our factory and cut out all the middlemen that raise the costs. Our studs are spaced 2 feet on center instead of 16” on center (less material). We mix and spray all the foam and cut out all the middlemen that would raise the costs. We use machine automation to construct the roof trusses and floor joists. We (will) manufacture the base isolators. The house modules are delivered from the factory and set on the footings with one crane. Steps and patios are attached and then these homes would absorb another earthquake, flood, fire, or hurricane.

 MC Endeavors examines the industrialized nations that have mandated environmental laws forcing industry to acquire carbon credits by “cleaning-up” their processes and decreasing energy use or demand. We find need and then fill it with one of our licensed technologies.



 CENTIUUM’s “uniquely patented building systems” automate the building of a home in a factory which allows for assembly at the site. Housing development and assembly of the components right there in the community using local workers allows them to build and take “ownership” of structurally sound and energy efficient homes literally within days instead of months which may potentially save lives in areas of need. Communities will be integrated with Smart-Grid and Renewable Energy sources to become self-sufficient.

CONSERVATIVE TARGET FOR 2012: $1.25/share 

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