247MGI Inc – TOFS.PK

We’ve alerted TOFS once before. We saw  30% in gains, and TOFS is now trading 30% higher than our alert, still. When it comes to TOFS …we know what we’re talking about!

This time, our alert comes when the upside could be EVEN greater. First things first, there are a few things to consider since our last alert…

Most Importantly, TOFS is many, many steps closer to closing their Merger with a private company! This merger could bring some serious headway to their stock and the profitability of the company. As we iterated the first time…this(private) is the BEST kind of merger. There are no extra shares to move around!

Speaking of shares…TOFS just reduced their Authorized Shares by 54%! Essentially, this makes the potential for this one to make momentous moves, just that much greater! The company must be doing something right, if they don’t even want to add any more shares to the market…Rather..they are DECREASING the likelihood of that happening!

And most importantly..check out how perfect the chart looks! This looks infinitely better than the last time we alerted TOFS (and it was great then!) But now, these technicals are a dream, and we’ve laid it out in black and white, because this chart needs no reading between the lines!

This chart completely speaks for itself. The alert on $TOFS would be warranted ENTIRELY by how pearl this serup is!

Last time we spoke to how TOFS can grab a piece of this NFLX market. With the current NFLXprojection issues and the split into two seperate entitities. Check out what we’re talking about…

TOFS is a one-stop media and advertising company that assists its clients by creating marketing materials utilizing technology driven media formats for the distribution of information worldwide.

TOFS utilizes the Internet to deliver its content more efficiently and at a higher standard than its competition. TOFS has developed and continues to create unique programs to include “LIVE” as well as streaming video content which will be delivered through the web and via satellite.

TOFS should ALWAYS be on your trading screens due to the potential it continually holds as we all await further updates on the merger!

But TOFS should be on your trading screens tomorrow cause there is not better time for it to be! Did you see that chart?! Tomorrow could really be breakout time!

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