Baristas Coffee Company Signs Distribution Agreement with Major New York City based Ice Cream Distribution Company

Baristas Coffee Company Inc. (OTC: BCCI.PK – News) (“The Company”) (“Baristas”), a fast growing U.S. based beverage and branded products company, announced today that it has entered into a comprehensive product development and distribution agreement with New York City based Calip Dairies, Inc. (“Calip”) (“Calip Dairies”).  Under the terms of the agreement, Baristas will work with the team at Calip to launch its newly developed branded ice cream line, which will initially include 4 pint-sized flavors. The goal of the Company is to make its branded ice cream products available to the public by this summer.


When the Baristas product is ready for launch, it will be distributed in supermarkets throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Manhattan. Calip Dairies is one of the country’s largest and most successful distribution operations with the exclusive right to distribute Nestle products and also to deliver many other name brand ice cream and frozen food products to over 6000 locations.

Commenting on the distribution agreement, Baristas CEO Barry Henthorn expressed, “We are very excited to launch the Baristas branded ice cream line into such a large market like New York City. We believe that our unique brand and flavors will be well received in the marketplace.” He went on to say, “The Company plans to commit additional capital toward a marketing budget to fully support this launch. We are also very pleased to be working with a world-class distribution company to assist us in both the launch and the building of our brand.”

Calip Dairies owner Martin Kelly said, “We are approached by hundreds of companies each year to develop and distribute their product line and are very selective; only looking for products that are distinctive and show great potential.  When we met with the team at Baristas, we knew immediately that the brand was special and the executive management team was capable of a successful launch.”  He continued, “We look forward working with Baristas and developing a product line that will be well received in the marketplace.”

About Calip Dairies, Inc.
 Calip Dairies is a major New York based regional ice cream and frozen foods distribution company with a fleet of approximately 150 freezer delivery trucks, thousands of display freezers and annual sales in excess of 50 million dollars. Calip distributes ice cream and frozen food products to over 6000 “Point of Sale-(POS)” locations in the New York City metropolitan area. Calip exclusively distributes several branded ice cream products including Nestle, Hagan Daz, Skinny Cow, Ciao Bella and Edy’s along with numerous other brands. The initial rollout of Barista ice cream line will be launched this summer and you will see the product in stores throughout the region.

About Baristas Coffee Company (BCCI): Headquartered in the Seattle, Washington area, Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. was formed to create a national brand of drive-thru espresso stands. BCCI is accomplishing this by acquiring established businesses that fit its model, opening new locations, and by franchising. Baristas has separated itself from the competition with its “theme” of joining attractive female baristas in entertaining costumes preparing the finest beverages available on the market. Baristas can currently be found in six greater Seattle area locations as well as in Texas, Florida, and Montana. Your state, Coming Soon!

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