Imogo Launches ZaOffice™ Suite of Cloud-Hosted Applications for Tablet Users

Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp. (IMTC) today announced the launch of its new cloud-hosted ZaOffice™ suite of applications for business and personal Tablet computer users.  ZaOffice provides Tablet users with secure anytime, anywhere, any-device convenience for a range of innovative applications including Click-to-Call and Click-to-Fax, all done over the Internet.   ZaOffice is now available for online activation.

While applicable to all Tablet users, ZaOffice was specifically designed to address the needs of small- to ZA Officemedium-sized businesses to deliver secure, enhanced mobility.  ZaOffice transforms Tablets into a mobile office by allowing users to access and email their files and make and answer phone calls while on the go.

According to a new study by the Online Publishers Association and Frank Magid Associates, Tablet usage is exploding with market penetration expected to reach 47 percent by early 2013.

Imogo President, Founder and CEO Stewart Irvine noted that to celebrate the launch, the Company is offering a free ZaOffice account to the first 10,000 people who sign up at   Subsequent to the free-account period, ZaOffice will be available for a retail price of $9.95 per month.

“We believe Tablet computers are the future of mobile computing and that ZaOffice delivers a secure, industry-first approach for users in the emerging post-PC era,” Irvine said.  “Our ‘Tablet-centric’ strategy is focused on providing mobile users with a cost-effective and powerful office-anywhere, -anytime platform to meet the mobile computing needs of both personal and business users. Today’s ZaOffice launch expands on our vision to create the most comprehensive and secure mobile productivity workspace on the market.”

ZaOffice, which is built on the industry-leading VMware Zimbra platform, is accessible from any device regardless of operating system or platform, and it provides users a one-stop solution for e-mail, document processing and mobile phone activities. Given the growth in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in business, ZaOffice’s primary platform is mobile devices, Irvine added.

ZaOffice also provides:

  • Web-based access; no downloads
  • Anytime mobile device access even in low bandwidth conditions
  • Quick, easy two-step application and registration process

The Company has establish a roadmap for ongoing upgrades and enhancements to ZaOffice and expects to soon be announcing interfaces optimized for touch screens and some exciting new productivity features, noted Isaac Kendall, Imogo Director of Media and IT Relations.

“Our strategy is to continually work on making the personal and enterprise versions of ZaOffice more feature reach and scalable to individual business customer needs, and we expect to announce the next version of ZaOffice in the near future,” said Terry Severyn, Imogo’s Executive Vice President.

About Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp.
Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp. is an innovative provider of cloud computing solutions for organizations seeking to securely integrate mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones into their enterprise ecosystem, increasing productivity and lowering their IT costs. The Company’s solutions, including a Private Cloud Portal, enable mission critical businesses to connect, collaborate and communicate around the globe. Personal Private Cloud platform and application services include: High quality digital telephony for PCs and tablets, hosted exchange and unified messaging, hosted terminal services, and off-site secure data storage and backup services. Please visit for more details.

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