Imogo’s Cloud Soars Above the Rest

Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp. (IMTC) Imogo was the first to say that virtual mobile offices, or what’s imtcknown as the “cloud”, is the next frontier. We at Imogo, applaud Microsoft for finally recognizing what we have known for seven years, that the cloud is the future of computing. Microsoft’s recently launched Office 365 on the Cloud validates everything we at Imogo have been doing and saying for years. We at Imogo are the clear leaders in this new exciting and extremely powerful way of computing.

Imogo was the first company to integrate Email like Gmail, digital telephone like Skype, cloud data storage like Dropbox, and MS Office applications all in one package that can be accessed from any tablet or computer at anytime with above military standard encryption. It is the most convenient way to work from your tablet yet still have the utmost in security for your files.

The word “Cloud” is another way of saying contained or stored on the internet for use anywhere by anyone with an internet connection.  So instead of storing your files on your hard drive on a single computer you can store them on your own cloud which is just like your own hard drive but you can use it from any tablet (iPad or Android) or computer at any time as long as you’re connected. So you never have to worry about having the right computer or being unable to work on a file because you left it on your computer at the office or because you only have your tablet. Those are concerns of the past. The cloud also enables the easy sharing of files with people anywhere, anytime. Work on a Word document at the office and store it on your Imogo cloud, then work on it from your laptop at home or from your iPad at the airport, then make a call and send out an email all at the same time. This is computing for the 21st century.

Imogo’s cloud delivers what the others don’t, an entire full service cloud experience. It’s a virtual mobile office that provides anytime/anywhere access to your email, documents and phone. Your cloud will soar above the rest; full access to your emails, documents and office applications, peace of mind knowing your files are backed up, and a customer service team. With Imogo you are never alone, our tech team is on standby 24/7 for any problem you may have or help you may need.

Imogo President, Founder and CEO Stewart Irvine noted “With the combination of Imogo’s cutting edge cloud based computing products and 24 hour support system we feel this will lead to massive growth in the customer base which will create increased future profitability and an exponential growth in shareholder value.”

To learn more about Imogo’s cloud go to

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