Bio-Solutions Corp. Shareholder Update: Entering $25 Billion Plus Diabetes Marketplace

Bio-Solutions Corp, (BISU) (BISU)is pleased to provide a shareholder update on recent news, events and the state of the company as a whole.

Since  the acquisition Type2 Defense™ , (T2), in  Sept of 2011, the company  has engaged in   running a  test  trail  in an American suburban community, (composed of 1500 individuals),  of the T2 product.  The purpose of this test trail is to gauge the response and feedback from a segment of the population, towards the Type2 Defense™ product.

Type2 Defense™ (the “Product” or the “Supplement”) is a glucose control dietary supplement powder formulated to help support healthy glucose levels, in addition to maintaining healthy blood pressure. Packaged with 30 packets to a box, the product powder drink mix delivery system has been developed to support healthy glucose levels for Type II Diabetics and Pre-diabetics. The product is also effective in controlling hypertension and has strong antioxidant powers.

Type II Diabetes and Pre-diabetics, account for over 90% of all diabetic cases. The product is delivered in 10 gram plastic packets (i.e. Emergent- C).  The targeted market is health conscious individuals that have been diagnosed as Type II Diabetics or individuals who are concerned with Pre-diabetic symptoms.

According the Nation Diabetes Foundation: Type II Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Over 133 Million Americans have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and many more are unaware they are at high risk. Some groups have a higher risk for developing Type II Diabetes than others. Increasing at about Two Million new American patients per year.

Since September 2011 there have been several management changes, at Bio-Solutions Corp.  Prior management and directors have been replaced, with current CEO/CFO Mr. Bill Gallagher.  Along with an impressive track record for brand, product building and sales, Mr.  Gallagher brings his Forty plus years of sales experience and relationships to aid in the creation of the T2 brand.  Mr. Gallagher has managed to recruit the expertise of Dr. Sekhar Mallangi, a Former Nestle SA Chief Scientist and the creator of Type2 Defense™.  Ms. Dana Kraft, a well-recognized UK Naturopath.  Mr. Gallagher’s next mission is to recruit a soon to be Type2 Defense™ celebrity spokesperson, who will be endorsing the T2 Brand.

Bio-Solution Corp is a NV Corp, with Headquarters recently relocated to San Antonio Texas.  Operations will be managed in San Antonio. Research and Development is managed by Dr. Mallangi. Product fulfillment will be handled by Lou Bellino, one of America’s top web product fulfillment operators, marketing will be driven by the talented San Antonio based marketing firm BOSS Creative for the company’s new upcoming website development. Search engine optimization (SEO) management, video product description and newsletters.

“Since the addition of both Type2 Defense™ and me, the company has never been in a better position to move forward.  Production is occurring and the first product run of Type2 Defense™ is expected September 2012,” stated CEO Bill Gallagher.

Bio-Solutions Corp. (BISU.QB) (BISU.PK)
Shares Outstanding: 67,190,397
Float:  15,000,000
Shares Authorized: 90,000,000

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