Carbon Credits International Continues Pursuit of Non-Profit Market Niche

Carbon Credits International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CARN) (“CCI” or the “Company”) developer of Text-A-Day, a mobile payment solution technology, announced that the company continues to see a heightened interest in its mobile payment technology and service offerings from non-profit organizations.

“Nearly 80% of our client base is comprised of non-profits, giving our mobile payment technologies a use rate potential that could far exceed the amount of transactional revenue CCI could generate if we solely serviced the retail market,” stated Greg Lambrecht, CEO of Carbon Credits International.  “Regardless of size or reach, charitable organizations, church ministries, non-profits and other foundations continuously ‘call to action’ the financial contributions – from nearly every consumer type – globally.  This means a continuous flow of financial transactions being generated and processed through our mobile payment solutions; possibly translating into an immeasurable amount of transactional fee revenue for Carbon Credits International.”

CCI’s relevance within the non-profit community received a boost when the company inked technology service deals with Dunham+Company and MaestroSoft Event Management.  Between the two firms, Carbon Credits International has been informally introduced to several of the more credible and larger ministries in the world as well as some of the “who’s who” of national organizations.  Such foundations include the Boys & Girls Club, March of Dimes, Ronald McDonald House and the American Diabetes Association.  Lambrecht believes that the positive exposure will greatly contribute to the company’s growth, stating, “We certainly expect to begin securing technology service agreements with many of the world’s major foundations.”

Lambrecht continued, “In fact, we do anticipate making a successful announcement of one such relationship.  This is indeed an exciting time for us.”

People close to the company believe that CCI’s retail client base will continue to grow considerably should confidence in the company’s mobile payment technology continue to be demonstrated though its use by some of the nation’s largest foundations.  Lambrecht believes that the explosive growth of the mobile payment industry will help to ensure a healthy market share for CCI.  Pointing to the recent $35 Million raise by Boku (completed earlier this year), Lambrecht concludes, “The interest in financially developing companies like Carbon Credits International is evident.  Substantial sums of capital have been raised in pursuit of the retail industry’s greatest ‘disruptor’ so far.   Mobile payment applications are changing the face of how people pay for products and services.   At Carbon Credits International, not only are we fueling that revolutionary process, but we are trail blazing a path for a charitable society to be more giving, give more often and give at the touch of their phone’s dial pad.  I believe we have carved out a significant niche that will ultimately be extremely profitable as we continue to increase our client base, one major charitable organization at a time.”

About Carbon Credits International, Inc.

Carbon Credits International, Inc. (CCI) – – headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, is a state of the art mobile technology company and full service mobile marketing agency.  The company operates a best-in-class mobile commerce and communication platform specifically designed to serve the needs of the non-profit community.  Text-A-Day makes any campaign instantly interactive via the mobile phone.  This functionality allows our clients to conduct business transactions, accept donations and engage in targeted communication campaigns with their customers/donors through mobile devices.

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