Carbon Credits International Secures Agreement With The March Of Dimes Foundation

Carbon Credits International, Inc. (CARN) (“CCI” or the “Company”) developer of Text-A-Day, a mobile payment solution technology, announced today that the company has entered into an agreement with the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health – The March of Dimes Foundation (aka “March of Dimes”) – to provide mobile payment solutions and other mobile services to support the foundation’s fundraising efforts.

“Roughly 20% of our nonprofit clients are of notable size and reach,” stated Greg Lambrecht, CEO of Carbon Credits International.  “However, securing a relationship with a foundation as distinguished as the March of Dimes is a testament to the value of our mobile payment technologies.  We expect that while our retail client base will continue to grow, our non-profit clientele will see exponential increases – not just in numbers, but in quality.

Founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938 as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis – formally renamed The March of Dimes Foundation in 2007 – is considered to be a cornerstone of the nation’s not-for-profit organizations; particularly those whose mandate is to improve the health of babies.  With 51 chapters across the United States, the March of Dimes provides adolescent girls, mothers-to-be and mothers with educational resources and support as it regards preconception and conception, pregnancy, new motherhood, baby health, birth defects, pre-mature births and other infant health related matters.

Having launched such campaigns as ‘March for Babies’ (previously Walk America), ‘Sounds of Pertussis’ (partnered with Sanofi Pasteur (vaccines division of Sanofi-aventis Group)) and‘Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait’ (partnered with Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute, Kentucky Department for Public Health and six Kentucky Hospitals), the March of Dimes’ global reach is, “nothing less than exceptional,” said Mr. Lambrecht.

Lambrecht continued, “WalkAmerica alone attracts over One Million participants and is held in roughly 900 communities across the nation.  These statistics represent yearly revenue potential well over $1 million for CCI; and that would be simply based on this one campaign.   This is why carving out a niche in the non-profit markets for our mobile payment solutions is so attractive.   The upside potential, both in revenue and the awareness and use of the Text-A-Day product and services, could simply be immeasurable.”

Lambrecht concluded, “Considering this particular campaign has raised over $1.8 billion for the foundation, we must remember this was accomplished using traditional and much less efficient and expedient means vs. what is available today.  Should the next $1.8 billion be raised using CCI’s ‘Text-A-Day’ technology, the likelihood would be that foundations like the March of Dimes could potentially raise that same amount funds, but much faster, while significantly expanding its donor base with less capital expenditures in marketing. For Carbon Credits International, using this example could mean, close to $100 million in potential revenue.  This is the value of Text-A-Day.”


About Carbon Credits International, Inc.

Carbon Credits International, Inc. (CCI) – – headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, is a state of the art mobile technology company and full service mobile marketing agency.  The company operates a best-in-class mobile commerce and communication platform specifically designed to serve the needs of the non-profit community.  Text-A-Day makes any campaign instantly interactive via the mobile phone.  This functionality allows our clients to conduct business transactions, accept donations and engage in targeted communication campaigns with their customers/donors through mobile devices.

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