GetReal USA, Inc. (GTRL 0.023) *** Rumored To Be The Stock Of The Year ***

Lot Of Rumors About GTRL This Week , Today (Friday) Could Be Your Last Chance To Accumule Some Shares Down Here … 

GetReal USA, Inc. Symbol: GTRL (0.023) is Set For a Major Breakout , Tomorrow Could Be The Last Day To Get Them Down Here , Rumored To Be Over a Dime (0.10+) By Next Week , Can You Imagine How Much Money You Can Make If That Happen ?

Lets Put it Together :
$1,150 To $2,300 Dollars Invested At Current Price Could Turn into $5,000 To $10,000 WITHIN A WEEK !
What If GTRL Gap Up Monday Morning At the Open ? Youll Be Kicking Your Ass For Not Getting in Friday ( today ) Before Close ….
Here is Some Infos About The Company :
A publicly-traded Company on the OTC, Symbol: GTRL, is engaged in the production of low-budget, high quality, genre pictures with recognizable name talent. Our management team and board are comprised of industry professionals, whose experience spans decades in the industry.

Our team is relentless in carrying out their mission of protecting the Company’s financial investments by focusing on reducing risk and maximizing profitability. The Get Real USA Entertainment division’s financing strategy is “low risk”, supported by government incentives, as well as partially funded by well-known film distribution partners.

What we offer :
We are currently engaged in the development, finance, sales, acquisition, distribution and marketing of high quality intellectual property devoted for the entertainment market, through films under budgets from $500,000 to $1,000,000 US. We believe that our finished product will represent a timely opportunity with the potential for fast acceptance not only domestically, but meet a demand in the international marketplace as well.

Marketing :
Our approach to marketing a movie is far more than developing a commercial, designing an ad, or arranging for appearances. Instead, movie marketing requires carefully developing a marketing plan that covers many different areas in marketing and exploits every possible avenue. One pitfall that some movie marketers fall into, is believing that they can achieve success by only appealing to one part of the market or one potential audience. A successful movie marketer will realize that there are always untapped markets to explore, and by focusing only on one potential audience, many others may be missed that could have added to the success of a film.

CEO and President of Get Real USA, Inc.

Prior to becoming a member of the financial community and working on Wall Street., Mr. Weber spent many years in the entertainment industry. He has worked on several music videos and was a tour coordinator and worked internationally for some of the biggest music acts during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Mr. Weber spent over five years as a vice president of Smith Barney. He has owned and operated 3 successful boutique investment banking consulting companies. In addition to his roll as CEO of Get Real USA, Inc., Mr. Weber is currently involved in business consulting, venture capital and investment banking organization by which he focuses on structuring, acquiring, investing and making valuable exits in small and mid-sized companies with strong teams, technology and marked positions. 

You Must Put GTRL (0.023) On Your RADAR / WATCH / QUOTE List IMMEDIATELY .. 

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