Mimvi Launches Mimvi ECHO™ to Ignite App Monetization Revolution

Mimvi, Inc. (MIMV) has announced the launch of Mimvi ECHO™, the first in a series of Mobile App products and services designed to help all mobile search engines, mobile app developers, owners and app stores to increase exposure to consumers and maximize revenue in the multi-billion dollar mobile app industry. At its core is a set of proprietary search and relevance algorithms and technology enabling social reach. This results in better visibility, exposure and most importantly, transactions with the right audience at the right time. Multiple patents are in process for Mimvi ECHO™.

Based on a newly formed partnership with Microsoft, Mimvi will be working closely with the Microsoft Azure team to advance Mimvi ECHO™ algorithms and apps initially with deployments across Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud Platform.

Mimvi ECHO™ combines the Company’s best-in-class proprietary search and recommendation technology with a pre-built social community comprising tens of millions of active mobile users. The platform will help the ecosystem of developers around the world generate more searches, downloads and transactions for their Apps aligned with a suite of highly relevant, creative and non-invasive engagement solutions.

Michael Poutre, Mimvi’s CEO, provided more insight into the Company’s latest launch, “Mimvi ECHO™ combines discovery technology with social reach for the benefit of Mobile App developers and consumers. The industry is definitely in need of a proposition that helps address the suffering of Mobile App developers’ over-reliance on App stores. Akin to Web search in the 1990s, there is a gaping hole in the market for the monetization of “Zombie Apps”. Zombie Apps are often little gems that never see the light of day because they cannot be found, or are engaging the wrong audience. Mimvi ECHO solves this problem.”

Poutre continued, “Mimvi ECHO™ is a full-service marketing platform. It is the result of years of technology development and social community building. Through our recent acquisition of Smash Networks, we have acquired considerable amounts of valuable information from millions of users who have participated in targeted social communities. It is this unique combination of true technology and meaningful reach that has enabled Mimvi ECHO™ — the first holistic discovery and marketing solution for Mobile App companies. This launch represents the first of several exciting products and services that we believe will make a significant impact in a Mobile World.”

Mimvi is currently signing up users via its corporate website. As part of the launch, it is offering free consultations to interested parties. The Company will provide more details in due course.


Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, MIMVI, Inc. (MIMV) is a pure-play search and recommendation technology company. Its proprietary search and “intelligent” recommendation algorithms enable the search and discovery of Mobile Apps, Mobile Content and Mobile Products across multiple devices and platforms, including: Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Facebook and Web Apps. For more information, please visit:http://www.mimvi.com.

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