Micron Anticipates Shareholder Approval to Ratify Britannia Merger

Micron Enviro Systems, Inc. ( PINKSHEETS : MSVS ), an emerging mining company, announced that shareholder sentiment regarding the company’s merger with Britannia Mining Plc, a UK-based mining development company (recently merged with MSVS — pending shareholder ratification), appears to be extremely positive according to preliminary tabulation results from Broadridge.

“Feedback from the proxies seems to indicate that the public is largely comfortable with our merger plans,” stated Kenneth Roberts, newly appointed CEO of Micron Enviro Systems. “This is not to say that all aspects of the plan are completely amenable to every investor. However we firmly believe that Micron shareholders, through their own due diligence, have come to determine that Britannia’s management means to be successful. And with that, will always look to protect the interest of all shareholders.”

Considerable resources have gone into ensuring that the merger was properly organized, including the appointment of Broadridge to manage logistics of the voting process (mailers, proxy, tabulation, etc.). Management “felt compelled,” Roberts mentioned, to afford every shareholder the ability to exercise their rights as a Micron investor to make their voices heard and protect their investments. To that, it appears that many MSVS investors — for the most part — are saying “Yes” to the overall plan of the Micron Britannia merger.

The plan of merger provides for the ability to amend and change the company’s Articles of Incorporation where it concerns: (a) Company name, (b) A reasonable capital restructuring, (c) Post-Split issuance to Britannia Mining, and (d) A substantial decrease in the authorized stock.

One item of note is that in the restructuring process, the company has instituted a “Round-Up” program. This strategy helps to assure that no shareholder is phased out of their holdings. Roberts said, “We intend to build value, not take it away.”

The shareholders of Micron will be meeting on January 31 at the offices of Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP, located at 61 Broadway, 32nd Floor, New York, NY 10006, at 10:00 a.m., to finalize the vote on Micron and Britannia’s merger.

Roberts concluded, “We look forward to meeting with all attending shareholders and look forward to receiving the ‘vote of confidence’ which will allow the new Micron team to get to work on building a better company.”

About Micron Enviro Systems

Micron Enviro Systems is an emerging mining company which explores and pursues opportunities in gold, coal and lithium. Much of the business set in leveraging various gold claims, leases and permits to enhance shareholder value. Over the course of 2012, in narrowing its scope of operation, Micron surrendered various leases and permits unrelated to gold.

In October of 2012 Britannia Mining (UK company), solidified its interest in Micron and executed an agreement to Merge with Micron pending ratification by shareholders.

is now headed by the CEO of Britannia Mining, Mr. Kenneth Roberts.

For more information, please visit www.micronenviro.com.

About Britannia Mining

Britannia Mining is an explorer and developer of mining projects. The company is developing a high grade iron ore project in Malawi and holds an Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL) for iron ore over 650 sq km at Nthale, Blantyre. From magnetic imaging studies that have been completed over a test area of 20 sq km, the company has located a number of ore bodies that indicate this 20 sq km area could yield upwards of 40 million tonnes iron ore. The company intends to mobilize a drilling program, where upon completion the company expects to provide a resource definition of the first target at Nthale Hill.

Britannia Mining is in talks with a number of potential partners to implement a near term mining plan at Nthale Hill.

Disclaimer – Broadridge

In accordance with Broadridge’s customary procedures, Broadridge has examined the proxies received, but do not guarantee the genuiness of the signatures thereof, or assume any responsibility for the legality of any proxy.

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