U.S. Tungsten Corp is so very Undervalued

 Our New Precious Metal Pick isUSTU  

U.S. Tungsten Corp.

Fundamental Analysis:

Company: U.S. Tungsten Corp

Current Price Tag: $.54 
Catalyst: Chart Momentum
Company Website: http://www.ustungsten.com

USTU: Early Investors Could Claim The Biggest Returns

Technical Analysis: 

USTU: Beginning Of A Larger Rally To Come?  – See Chart  – 1,2,3 Continuation Pattern Forming?

While we all know that volume proceeds price, it should not be overlooked on this beauty of a chart formation setting up right in front of our very eyes. Be sure to add USTU to your watchlist immediately.

Slow and steady not only seems to win the race between the tortoise and the hare but also in the market place.
A chart built up over time by just a few % points daily clearly shows a much stronger base to eventually springboard higher off of with a slight dip/pullback for profit taking along the way is equally as healthy moving forward.Seems like a mirror image situation developing here as one could either play USTU a few ways. One being to await pricing near the .50 figure for entering or two not wanting to leave anything on the table by stepping in immediately as the breakout may not offer better pricing till it reaches higher overhead levels which could come this week with further interest mounting.As we preach safety time and time again, Stops could be implemented around the .45 mark as it looks quite clear heavier support is lingering in that region. You can always enter a test stop order with a smaller position than your entire block incase market makers run stops before new legs higher are reached. A scare tactic often used by MM’s for ultimately better pricing when they are perhaps (In the know) prior to a measured move to come.
As always take profits while you can or when indecisive while in the black…scale out of 1/2 your position and ride the remaining at lower cost averages providing you with winning leverage needed in the trade. Win/Win!
USTU: Economics 101 – Growing Demand, Lack Of Supply

About U.S. Tungsten Corp:

US Tungsten Corp.  – USTU has been built upon one mandate. The best way to solve the looming crisis in domestic tungsten supplies is to find tungsten right here at home. That’s why USTU has assembled a team of tungsten experts who know what to look for-particularly in the western U.S. where tungsten was mined in the past with many discoveries that remain undeveloped.

Beginning early in 2012, USTU launched a tungsten search in Montana. Their first acquisition was a property in the western part of the state historical mining produced high grade tungsten in 1956 and 1957. Following the initial prospecting and assessment, they plan to conduct initial exploration in 2013 and beyond.

Visit the company’s website here: http://www.ustungsten.com

USTU: On The Cutting Edge Of The Emerging Metal Boom

   The great Tungsten developing opportunity is starting to leak out to not only retail investors looking for the next big thing but global corporate raiders and visionaries as well. That means WE TAKE NOTICEand YOU SHOULD TOO!

Did You Know – In early 2012, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway unit IMC International Metalworking agreed to invest $80M in a tungsten project in South Korea. Why? Because an exceptional opportunity is developing in the tungsten market.

Classified as a Strategic Metal – 

Tungsten is classified as a “Strategic Metal” in the U.S. This means it is integral to national defense and the domestic aerospace and energy industries. Tungsten is also subject to potential supply restrictions. The U.S. needs tungsten for everything from tools to missiles to light bulbs. Unfortunately, the country is not getting nearly enough of this versatile metal.

USTU is Dependent on Imports – 

The U.S. requires about 20,000 metric tonnes of tungsten per year to meet crucial industrial demand. About 90% of our tungsten is imported. The rest comes from scrap recycling. With no tungsten mines operated throughout the western U.S. and largely met domestic needs. But not one mine operates in the country today. Only a handful are operating in Canada.

Eight-fold Increase in Tungsten Prices – 

Today, China produces about 85% of the world’s tungsten supply. To make matters worse, the country has greatly restricted tungsten exports to keep pace with its own industrial demand. As a result, tungsten prices have shot up—from $50 per MTU* in 2002 to well over $350 per MTU today (and exceeding $450 per MTU in 2011). Tungsten is one of the few metals that have withstood the recent metals bear market.

Tungsten Demand Booming –

As developing countries ramp up their industrial sectors, world tungsten demand is growing at an annual pace of about 6% per year. World supply however is declining. About 72,000 tonnes were produced in 2011, down 21% from the peak of 90,800 metric tonnes produced in 2006. That’s why savvy mining and exploration companies are ramping up exploration for economic tungsten deposits.
USTU: Here Is The Case For The Tungsten Investment

Why is Tungsten so Valuable?
  • Tungsten is absolutely essential to our modern way of life, our national security and our economy. Why? Because tungsten is:

VERY HARD: In fact second only to diamonds for hardness

RESISTANT TO HEAT: has the highest melting point and lowest coefficient of expansion of all metals.

DENSE: Denser than lead and even uranium.

ENVIRONMENTALLY BENIGN: Does not break down or decompose, and it is corrosion resistant.
Which means we need tungsten for:
  • High speed steel tools and hard cutting blades
  • Defence applications, including missiles
  • Many different alloys
  • Lighting and Electronics
  • Coatings
  • Thousands of automotive and aerospace applications
  • Medicine
  • Sports equipment
  • Jewelry
  • And many other valuable uses…even the tips of ballpoint pens!

    Where is Tungsten Mined?

Chinese mines produce roughly 85% of the world’s tungsten supply, followed by Russia (4%) and Canada (3%). Other important producers are Bolivia, Austria, Portugal and Thailand. The United States no longer produces any tungsten (other than recycled scrap), yet it is one of the world’s largest tungsten consumers.

Packed With Proof – USTU Seems Like A Hot Low-Profile Commodity In Many Ways

 * Be Sure To Add USTU To Your Watchlist First Thing For Monday Morning – Stay Tuned…*

US Tungsten Corp. from Parrodoxx Pictures on Vimeo.

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