Luxuria Brands(Symbol ASCC): An UnderValued Play You Wont Believe


Vodka, which accounts for 32% of industry volume, was up 5.9% in 2011, and now accounts for a third of all spirits consumed inluxuria brands  America. Distilled spirit exports exceeded a billion dollars for the fifth consecutive year, reaching a record $1.34 billion in 2011. Total spirits exports grew 16.5%.

Market growth for the global spirits industry is expected to accelerate to a yearly growth rate of 3% by 2015 to $306 billion.


ASCC is currently targeting boutique distilleries to ensure that only premium-quality vodka is pushed to market–We‘re in the early stages of establishing a joint venture agreement with a distillery based in the U.S.

The Vodka Market: Investors are Fired Up about Rapid Industry Growth

In 2011, the U.S. distilled spirits sales volume rose to approximately 197.1 million 9-liter cases, representing a 2.6% gain versus 2010. Overall spirits retail revenue growth increased by 3% to $67.66 billion.The vodka segment added almost 3.5 million 9-liter cases to its total of approximately 65.85 million 9-liter cases. Vodka now represents a third of all spirits consumed in the U.S.

Vodka Accounts for a Third of All Spirits Consumed in America

Vodka, which accounts for 32% of industry volume, was up 5.9% in 2011. Revenue growth for the distilled spirits industry is at pre-recession levels—it was up 6.3% to $20.3 billion while volumes were up 2.9% to 196 million 9-liter cases. Growth continues to be driven by improving consumer confidence, an increase in restaurant sales, a stable pricing environment and product innovation.

Tito’s VodkaSuccess in a Bottleascc

Tito’s Vodka is a true example of just how profitable the distilled spirits industry really is. Tito Beveridge, founder and owner of Titos Handmade Vodka, started small, distilling his own vodka and perfecting it through trial and error in the mid 1990’s. He racked up $88,000 in credit card debt to fund the project. But the tides began to turn very quickly.Commercial production began in 1997 when Beveridge formed Fifth Generation, Inc., and established the Mockingbird Distillery, producing just 1,000 cases that year. In 2007, he sold over 160,000 cases. Now, the smooth taste of the vodka is in high demand across the U.S. Projections for 2012 will be 40 to 50% above 2011. Big box retailers like Costco, as well as local bars, pubs, and restaurants are registered distributors of the product—The opportunity for you to gain a piece of this market is at your fingertips.

Invest in ASCC now!


ASCC’s brand management initiative will start with vodka and expand into related industries, such as the music and event planning industries. Similar to companies like Spotify, which grew 140% in revenue to $236 million with a paid-subscription base from 2010 to 2011, ASCC will position itself as an authority in the brand management space. Lower cost production, distribution and reductions in overhead could spur immediate returns for early investors.


Luxuria Brands will maintain a competitive advantage by achieving and sustaining a low-cost strategic model. Lower cost production, distribution and reductions in overhead will position ASCC as an authority in the brand management space.

 Why Is Now the Time to Invest?

U.S. sales of super-premium vodkas, which typically retail around $30 a bottle, have risen 32% in the last two years to $1.2 billion according to the industry trade group the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS).

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