Inscor, Inc. (IOGA) Is So Very UnderValued

INSCOR, Inc.(IOGA)ing independent insurance national consulting and marketing organization of life, disability-income and long-term care insurance and other financial tools and services in addition to a wide array of annuity products marketed offered through its financial and insurance professional advisors across the country.


The focus for INSCOR is two-fold:

1) INSCOR develops and maintains relationships with financial professionals including insurance brokers, financial planners, tax attorneys and CPAs to promote continued growth. INSCOR has proprietary tools and strategies in addition to top level contracts with over 35 insurance companies and financial institutions to better assist professionals in growing their business.

2) INSCOR specializes in providing significant funding solutions utilizing high cash-value life insurance contracts combined with low-cost financing. The insurance and financing are modeled within the framework of a Financed Insurance Trust (FIT) to provide substantial cash flows from life insurance proceeds and cash values at little or no out-of-pocket cost. Through collaboration with insurance companies, financing institutions, actuaries and attorneys,

INSCOR has developed FIT strategies tailored for specific market segments.

Corporations and Municipalities

The funding for retiree health care and Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) plans often strains existing cash flows of most corporations and municipalities. Many such plans, especially among governmental entities, are grossly underfunded. Recently implemented GASB 45 accounting rules have exposed unfunded liabilities in excess of $1.5 Trillion among state and local governments.

INSCOR’s FIT OPEB plan is a viable solution to providing significant cash flows to fund OPEB liabilities with little, if any, increases in out-of-pocket expenditures.

High Net Worth Individuals, Athletes and Entertainers

FIT plans can be modeled to not only provide significant volumes of life insurance, but also create substantial cash values that can be accessed to provide a tax-free income stream during retirement. In most cases, depending on age and insurability, FIT plans are designed with little or no out-of-pocket expense.

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