Seen On Screen TV, (SONT) Is Our New Undervalued Play

Seen On Screen TV, (SONT) is extremely pleased to announce the opening of four franchised stores in Lebanon. Master License holder for Seen On Screen TV in Lebanon, Fadi Rabah and his partner and exclusive agent to sontSeen On Screen TV Bold Ideas Group s.a.r.l are very confident and assured of the prospects and potential for Seen On Screen TV and the variety of products available. Mr. Rabah commented, “To date business and sales have been brisk for our present stores. We are pleased to date with our business model and relationships, therefore we are looking to further expand in Lebanon.”

Antoine (Tony) Jarjour, CEO of Seen On Screen TV is very pleased with the store openings in Lebanon. “Our corporate goals are to build business relationships in numerous countries with quality personnel and their staff. We offer a low cost entry point for someone wishing to have a viable business, along with our goal of opening numerous corporate stores. Lebanon is a major step forward towards our achievements.”

Contact information for Lebanon Seen On Screen TV is as follows:

        Wissam Abdel Samad        Mobile: 00961 70 500 302
        General Manager                   00961 76 100646
        Bold Ideas Group s.a.r.l          00961 76 100642
        Beirut - Lebanon                  00961 70 100642
        Tel_Fax :00961 1   288828 


Seen On Screen TV is a retail company offering quality products at competitive pricing. Currently with one corporate store in operation, 4 franchised outlets and approximately 450 products, the company is looking to aggressively expand it store base through additional corporate stores, franchising and licensing agreements. Seen On Screen TV is also looking into the direct TV market and online shopping through it’s wholly owned subsidiary On Television. The company is also seeking other viable businesses and opportunities.

Visit our current company website at

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