Eco-Tek Worldwide Announces Exclusive Agreement with Distributor for Peru

Eco-Tek Group Inc. (OTCQB:ETEK) is pleased to announce that their “Eco-Tek Group Inc.” oil etekfiltration systems and lubricant products will be exclusively marketed in Peru through an agreement with Prieto Topo Grafia – Peru

The distributor has placed an initial order for $50,000 (approx. 35 systems) which is being assembled for immediate shipment. The agreement also requires Prieto Topo Grafia to purchase a minimum of Cdn. $50,000.00 of the bypass system products during each 12 month period following the signing of five year agreement. “Eco-Tek is very pleased with our new relationship with Prieto” stated Mr. Tunks, Eco-Tek CEO, “We expect them to more than exceed the minimum order pattern”

About Eco-Tek Group Inc.:

Eco-Tek Group Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario was founded in 2009. Dedicated to the development and marketing innovative and cost effective “green” lubrication products for the transportation, industrial and marine industries and development by their experienced chemists and engineers with extensive knowledge in the science of lubrication and related studies. Eco-Tek Group Inc. is dedicated to formulating cutting edge products that make a significant contribution to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption without sacrificing quality or performance.

Eco-Tek Group Inc. has marketed the company’s products in Ontario for the past three years and has established a solid base of highly satisfied customers. Eco-Tek is now ready to expand its operations across North America and globally.

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