One2One Living Corp. (LOVI) Is An UnderValued Play You Can’t Miss

Journey, Depeche Mode, Alicia Keys, John Mayer and the Biggest Names in Entertainment to go One2One with Single Fans Launches Novel Feature to Allow Singles to Socialize at Events of Choice and Businesses to Reach Their Customers

One2One Living Corp. (LOVI) announces that, the premier online meeting place and social network for singles has completed agreements to offer events for artists from all major music labels, including Sony BMG (ADR)Universal and Warner Bros.

Through the agreement single fans of live entertainment – will also gain access to Ticketmasters (TKTM) offerings, thereby making the definitive destination for single men and women to meet and access the maximum selection of local event choices.

Included in the events available through One2One’s agreement are concerts from renowned artists such as Journey, Depeche Mode, Alicia Keys, John Mayer and the Biggest Names in Entertainment. Additionally, One2One will have access to a bustling itinerary of events that will include music concerts, comedy shows, film festivals, wine and food tasting events, workshops, literary meets, fundraising events, museum tours, cultural shows, and a host of other specialized events to attract upscale and professional singles with high discretionary income and interest in diverse subjects. Singles can now find others to engage in events ranging from political meetups, church events, outdoor activities, performing arts to health/fitness and even business tradeshows; making every event a dating opportunity.

“We are excited to welcome thousands of musical artists and millions of local events to One2One’s Events section on the website in the upcoming weeks.’s Events and Places Feature is a unique offering that seamlessly integrates online dating, socializing, and event scouting to help singles find like-minded individuals to attend and socialize at fun-filled and interesting local events. Our goal is to make and the upcoming mobile app a lifestyle companion for each of the millions of single men and women out there looking to meet people!” states Mary Spio, Founder and CEO of

One2One’s Events and Places sections will also provide a compelling platform for local businesses such as movie theaters, museums, nightclubs and restaurants to be matched up with a focused group of target customers and offer them a host of services just when they are searching for ideas on things to do alone, with a group or on a date. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to tap into an eager clientele as they are searching for their exact products and services.

One2One Living is committed to providing single men and women with a fulfilling social experience while searching for ‘the one’. Among One2One’s key differentiators is helping singles meet people through events and activities that they both enjoy. This allows conversation to flow more naturally between two strangers and thus provides them the opportunity to form deep bonds based on shared passions and mutual interests. What is more, One2One is transforming the rules of the dating game by transferring the playing field from a few limited places like boisterous and crowded nightclubs to a variety of places, including more sophisticated venues where people feel less inhibited in engaging in meaningful conversation.

With this upcoming release, One2One is on track to become a one-stop shop for local entertainment and recreation options for singles, making going to events and places alone a thing of the past-–One2One is creating a true cultural shift and a revolution in dating.

About One2One Living Corp (LOVI)

One2One Living Corp is an emerging media and technology company focused in the core areas of online dating, search, social applications and content development. One2One’s flagship media property is a social community that connects singles to each other and the things that they care about. It is a dynamic environment for single men and women to discover, create, and share experiences, events and activities.

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