Seriously UnderValued: Put MLGT On Your Radar

Rumors of big things to come from this little company. Put MLGT on your radar today! 

This exciting company is doing all the right things to increase shareholder value. From their last bit of press we can see that they’re moving in the right direction and it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the street finds this play: 

mLight Tech, Inc., a fully reporting Florida based corporation (MLGT), announced it expects the audited financials for The Ding King Training Institute, Inc. to be completed next week and the acquisition to be finalized shortly thereafter.

mLight Tech, Inc. (MLGT) trades on OTCQB, the venture state marketplace for companies that are current in their reporting with a U.S. regulator (SEC, bank, insurance).

We are very excited to bring this company to your attention, with the stock not trading too far from the 52 week low, a history with bottom bouncing, and a possible acquisition announcement nearing; we could very well have a sweet recipe for a monster break out.

About Ding King Inc.

The Ding King Training Institute is a Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) approved institution, and has been certified to meet the minimum standards established by the Bureau for integrity, financial stability, and educational quality, including the offering of bona fide instruction by qualified faculty and the appropriate assessment of students’ achievement prior to, during, and at the end of its training programs.

The Ding King Training Institute teaches Paintless Dent Repair and other Automotive Appearance Programs. Ding King’s Paintless Dent Repair Tools are distributed on over 3,000 Snap-On Tool Trucks nationwide and its do-it-yourself dent repair kit called Ding King was marketed on television and sold at major retailers across the United States.

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