Rewards Nexus (ERNI) Strengthens Customer Focus With Advanced CRM Capabilities

 Rewards Nexus Inc. (OTC Pink: ERNI) announced today that Earn IQ Inc. has created and integrated their own unique customer relation management software to its existing IT applications. The new solution, used predominantly by ernithe marketing team, replaces early-generation technology and manual processes previously used to handle customer relationship management.

This new capability enables Earn IQ to create a comprehensive exchange of data directly from its customers to the Earn IQ system, better understand and satisfy their individual tastes and build stronger relationships with them. Main focus will be directed to the management of Earn IQ loyalty card holders, as well as virtual communication for the company’s online and in-store services. Existing and potential customers from different areas can now be targeted via multiple channels with more relevant and personal benefits. By using this new application, Earn IQ will further expand its turnover and effectively support marketing efforts.

Niko Papavasilopoulos, Vice President of Rewards Nexus Inc., stated, “Being that we are in the early stages of our company it is important to create profitability, growth and continue our intense focus on our customers. This new CRM capability will help tremendously improve our marketing strategy and user experience. It will create a seamless way to target our new and existing customers with a more beneficial value that is relevant to their specific wants and needs.”

About Rewards Nexus Inc.
Rewards Nexus offers U.S. retailers innovative loyalty solutions including rewards and gift card programs, along with emerging marketing strategies aimed at consumers. Rewards Nexus grows through acquisitions and cooperative agreements with companies that have high potential and capabilities of achieving sustainable growth, resulting in a rapidly acquiring market share. The Company builds key strategies for its subsidiaries while providing financing and operational business support.

About Earn IQ Inc.
Earn IQ Inc. is a B2B and B2C company offering a consumer loyalty platform coupled with marketing and advertising services for various industries. The company is currently running an innovative — first of its kind — reward program in the US, serving restaurants in the New York area with combined services of online food ordering and in-store dining rewards. In addition, it provides consumers with unique opportunities to interact and engage with flexible online and mobile products.

Issued by Rewards Nexus Inc.
For further information in this release please contact Mrs. Vasiliki Anagnostou at Rewards Nexus Inc. on tel.: 212-688-1007, e-mail:

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