SGD Holdings Ltd (SGDH) attracting quality investors, volume on the rise

SGD HOLDINGS LTD (SGDH), via its 100%-owned subsidiary EcoPaper Inc,  is involved in manufacturing and sgdhmarketing of treeless-paper in Costa Rica. This paper is acid-free, durable and chemical free. It is manufactured via an innovative process that has been developed by SGD HOLDINGS LTD (SGDH).

Environment-friendly processes: It utilizes fibers that have been obtained from agricultural and post-consumer waste. Fibers like hemp, banana, lemon, sugar-cane & coffee are used. The inks that are used in the process are also of organic-origin and are obtained from vegetable and soy oil. Paper SGD HOLDINGS LTD (SGDH) uses the water content that is available in banana pulp, and thus reduces its water requirement. As no chemicals are used in the process, the waste-water doesn’t pollute the environment.

Via its subsidiary EcoPaper, SGD HOLDINGS LTD (SGDH) has an advantage in its product range. It also has a well-established distribution channel- 1 Online Channel 2 Wholesalers and 3- Retail Chains.

Q3 results

SGD HOLDINGS LTD (SGDH) last declared quarterly-results for the period that ended 30 June 2013. The company revenues dropped from $47K to $13K and there was a drop from 31% to 29% in gross margins, in comparison to the 2013 Q2. In the first 6 months, the company suffered a 5% revenue loss in comparison to the same period of 2012. There was a drop to 18% in gross margins in comparison to the 30% that it stood at in the same quarter of 2012. SGD HOLDINGS LTD (SGDH) was able to bring down its net loss before extraordinary- items in the first 6 months, from $189,675 to $160,837.

It has taken numerous steps to ensure that its revenues & profits are not hit for the rest of the year. It has listings on A tie-up with a global-sales consulting firm and has also started selling to 3rd-party suppliers.

Please read the complete report HERE.

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