Very UnderValued: LD Holdings, Inc. (LDHL) Targets Sectors for Acquisition

LD Holdings, Inc., a public Financial and Management Holding Company (otcqb:LDHL), is in the early stages of executing its Business Plan. The Plan is bringing together small Baby Boomer Business Owners, Younger trading chartEntrepreneurial Leaders and Financial Investors.

The company is focusing on the $2mil – $20mil sales sector. Because of the difficulty of financing and lack of competition in this area, there is an opportunity to buy great value. The First Value Driver is the ability to bring together smaller non-transparent, non-liquid private companies and build larger public company groups. This allows for higher valuations because of size. Secondly, the valuation differences between private and public companies in this small company sector are 2 -3 times higher for public companies. The Third Value Driver is to bring in Younger Entrepreneurial Highly Incentivized Leaders to replace the retiring owners which will drive organic growth through superior marketing, sales and technology skills.

The company’s initial focus is on four broad business sectors that fit the goal of doubling each company’s value over a 3 – 5 year period of time. The four sectors are the Financial and Business Services Group; the Entertainment/Media Group; the Outdoor Services Group and the Surface Finishing Group.

  • The company has a database of 250,000 potential companies, 800 Entrepreneurial Leaders and a growing number of institutional and non-institutional investors.
  • The company will continue to issue Investor Updates as warranted to keep current and potential investors informed.

For more information, please visit the company website at or watch a 25 minute webinar at or call the company offices at 419-873-0454.

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