REFG – Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions, Inc.

REFG – Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions, Inc.

REFG Company Description
About Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions, Inc.
Our mission is to provide end-to-end management, across multiple management systems, for medicinal marijuana operations. Many medicinal marijuana companies have experienced such rapid growth that they are finding it difficult to manage all aspects of their operation. In order to become a successful and compliant medicinal marijuana operation, effective management must depend on many different systems. REFG solves the fragmentation problem by identifying tools that are important to dispensaries, and customizing those tools specifically catered to the industry. We strive to create awareness within the medicinal marijuana industry and to develop an environmentally friendly, economically sustainable business while increasing shareholder value. For more information, please visit the company’s website.

REFG Products and Services
Since 1996, medicinal cannabis, commonly referred to as medical marijuana, has been legalized by 20 states; seven of which have legalized it within the last four years. Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions is a provider of integrated supply and distribution technology mandated by many of these states, and the best solution for providers in all states.
Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions is expanding the legitimate market for medicinal cannabis and serving all market participants with an integrated, one-stop solution that will document and assure compliance with all applicable regulations that producers and distributors must follow under their respective state laws.

Our S2S Seed-to-Sale integrated solution is a turn-key, management and compliance technology for growers, caregivers and dispensaries in this rapidly expanding market. Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions also works with public officials and government agencies to expand the acceptance of medicinal cannabis, and the adoption of a legal framework where maximum market expansion is possible.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions is also positioned to lead the entire market in payment and transaction services as a result of its fast-moving efforts to change the legal and financial landscape of the medicinal cannabis marketplace.

SPARK Hosted VoIP provides you with enterprise-class hosted phone systems customized to fit your needs. SPARK’s service is a fully-managed, cloud-based system. We offer the convenience of an online IP-based telecommunications system while still delivering substantial savings to your bottom line.

SPARK Hosted VoIP gives you all of the advanced features you’d expect in a robust, enterprise-grade PBX. Our system is reliable, scalable and completely customizable to suit your needs.

♦ Auto Attendants ♦ Call Logs ♦Voicemail ♦ Call Reports ♦ Caller ID ♦ On Hold Music ♦ Call Routing ♦ Virtual Extensions ♦ Dial-By-Name Directory ♦Unified Messaging ♦ Message on Hold ♦ Call Forwarding ♦ Call Recording ♦Intercom ♦ Visual Dial Plan Editor ♦ Ring Groups ♦ Online Fax ♦ Desktop Integration ♦ S2S Integration ♦ Speed Dial ♦ Find-Me Follow-Me ♦ Call Queues ♦ Remote Access ♦ Call Transfers ♦ Online PBX Controls ♦ And More

By offering you a fully customized, fully tailored mobile solution, our Ghost Mobile Apps give an unparalleled marketing tool with a robust texting and email solution, keeping you in constant contact with your patients and clients.

With our responsive design, we create an optimized experience in context to each device or screen size. Out completely private labeled apps can be made available for both Google Play and the Apple Store.

Our mobile app solutions put you in the palms of your patients’ hands, literally. And with our affordable pricing, a custom mobile app designed for the medical marijuana is available for you.

As with all MCPS products, Ghost fully integrates with our S2S solution.

Get ready to meet S2S, the all-in-one medicinal cannabis solution. Welcome to a new generation of patient management, grow house tracking, inventory controls, point-of-sale, accounting and compliance with our fully integrated suite of marketing and communications tools.

With S2S, you can custom tailor your patients’ experience, with all the tools you need in one, convenient solution. S2S is the most technologically advanced seed-to-sale solution on the market today.

S2S is scheduled to be released late 2013. Contact Us to find out more information, including our beta release.

REFG Contact Info
Corporate Contact:
Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions, Inc.
5516 Fort Apache Road#130
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Jeremy Roberts

REFG Key Company Management
Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts has over 10 years’ experience in brand management and strategic communications. He studied Spanish and political science at the University of Utah and then founded a marketing and strategic communications boutique. He later started a political campaign consultancy, and his clients have won every campaign to which he

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REFG Headlines

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