(COSR) Triples Facility Size Expanding Sales Capacity and Landlord Outreach

The nation’s premier provider of residential rent assurance, Co-Signer, Inc. (OTCQB: COSR) today announced relocation of its subsidiary’s sales and operations to larger accommodations that will facilitate its expanded national landlord outreach efforts. The move triples the Company’s operational capacity and follows up its recent announcement of working with CIC as well as other strategic partners and affiliates.

The new location expands its national sales and marketing potential by providing greater staffing flexibility and enabling deployment of advanced technologies including automated call services and outreach programs integrated with its CRM and online presence. The new offices provide a more collaborative environment for all of its staff and management including the administrative, sales, operations and processing, underwriting, and claim departments.

“This consolidates our activities and provides much greater flexibility in how we deploy sales and marketing resources, leading to greater ROI,” stated Steve Campbell, Vice President of Operations. “It will accelerate our plan to penetrate the nation’s residential leasing sector and win over landlords and property managers to our unique residential lease assurance service.”

It was stated that all other contact information for the Company remains unchanged.

About Co-Signer, Inc.
Co-Signer, Inc. is a financial and real estate services company. Its wholly-owned subsidiary,, Inc. is the nation’s premier commercial provider of residential rent assurance services offering rental guarantees on behalf of tenant clients to landlords, property managers, leasing agents and others that may be responsible for residential leasing., Inc. provides its fee based tenant service to those who may have no, poor or bad credit due to a short sale, a bankruptcy, inconsistent employment, a long-term health issue or other circumstances. Typically these tenants are able to afford the rental payment for the new residence they seek. However, superficially their credit scores and financial profile do not readily qualify them with the prospective landlord. Cosigning services are available whether the tenant seeks a single family home, condominium, townhouse, or apartment anywhere in the United States., Inc. uses a proprietary underwriting process with state of the art information services to achieve low default ratios that maximize company profitability.

The Company’s business strategy is to make the use of commercial rent assurance the U.S. industry standard by focusing its resources and market awareness efforts on landlords and property managers, educating them on the simplicity and value of the Company’s service that facilitates housing for tenants and maximizes occupancy rates and cash flow for landlords. With almost 39,000,000 rental units in the United States and 1 out of every 4 adults having poor or bad credit, the demand for commercialized cosigning services provides a real growth opportunity.

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