GASE Will Go: A Unique Geopolitics Play

 Company Profile

Great East Energy is a producing, development stage company targeting the growing independent natural gas production industry of Ukraine, as Europe’s second-largest country by land mass makes energy self-sufficiency from Russia a priority. With Ukraine natural gas priced over three times U.S. levels, the energy industry holds compelling economics as well. Through its local operating subsidiaries NPK-KONTAKT and LISPROMGAZ, the completion of GASE’s well development activities are planned to result in a multi-million dollar inward investment into Ukraine.


Using North American capital, know-how, and technology to make Ukraine energy-independent from Russia

  • Create attractive entry valuations by focusing on unconventional (tight) gas production that is still in the infancy-stage in Ukraine and not well understood by local operators
  • Lower capital expenditures and shorten well-payback period by going after shallow drilling opportunities (700m-2,000m)
  • Reduce geological risk by pursuing opportunities with historical data and employing world-class well control
  • Benefit from strong demand for gas and favorable pricing in energy-intensive Ukraine
  • Maintain control and lower operational risk by owning at least 50% of needed infrastructure
  • Broaden portfolio while retaining upside by acquiring licenses that offer both conventional and unconventional targets and farming out deep, expensive operations to larger players


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