Oriens (OTHM) Prepares for Audit — Company Updates Disclosures

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp.(OTHM), the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator, operating its Hotel PURE brand, announced today that the Company’s President, Mr. othmKen Chua, has completed and updated voluntary disclosures to remain a Current Filer with the OTC Markets, as management continues its commitment to auditing the Company’s financials.

 “Following an exceptionally successful trip to Costa Rica, there are several ‘house cleaning’ action items we must complete, in preparation for an incredible transition slated for the Company this next week,” stated Ken Chua, President of Oriens Travel & Hotel Management. “Auditing the financials is a major action that must be completed in order to best leverage our growth opportunity secured in Central America.”

Management indicated that the audit has always been an intended action item. However, the endeavor required an Auditing event warranting both the time and money committed. Experiencing an initial set-back, the audit along with other corporate actions had to be sidelined until Oriens was able to rectify a third party situation. With a steadfast management and consulting team, Oriens returned from Costa Rica having put things back on track.

Chua continued, “With the support of an unwavering team, what we’ve been able to accomplish this past April is remarkable. I’m sure that our shareholders will be pleased and astonished with our actions to date.”

Management further indicated they would also look to complete other pending items the Company originally looked to employ. In other words, Oriens’ team is essentially looking to “successfully complete what was started,” said Mr. Chua.

Mr. Chua concluded, “The question now isn’t ‘if’ we still plan to have a shareholder event in Central America, it is ‘when’ would is the most opportune time. Whatever the date this year, should all continue on its current path, shareholders may be able to look forward to a company that has been audited, up-listed, well-financed, asset rich, and, with a very healthy fiscal outlook.”

About Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (www.orienscorp.com) (OTHM) engages in the operation of hotels and resorts primarily in the United States and Central America under the Hotel PURE brand. The company also operates Friendly Reservations Online, a proprietary and sophisticated online booking system designed to execute reservations capture through Hotel PURE consumer facing websites, as well as individual hotel websites operated by Oriens on behalf of hotels branded under the Hotel PURE brand. Oriens is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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