New UnderValued Play ZENO Is Good For Your Health

Let’s start with a blanket statement: ZenoSense (OTCQB ZENO) is not a drug company. It goes one further. 

It is a sensory-technology using an amazing technology that can save thousands of lives that might otherwise be snuffed out by bacteria drugs cannot kill.

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Zenosense Inc. OTC QB | ZENO’s sole aim is to co-develop and market a cost effective device to detect the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus “Super-Bug” (MRSA), for use in health care settings such as hospitals.

The high financial toll on private and public health care systems caused by MRSA is a critical issue for healthcare providers and authorities. Early detection is vital so that protective measures, such as deep cleaning and ward / patient isolation, can be carried out.

The Company’s outsourced development model contracts out its device development to a known sensor developer, the Sgenia Group (Sgenia), based in Madrid, Spain. Zenosense considers that Sgenia has the capability to produce such a sophisticated, cost-effective device for Zenosense. This development started in December, 2013.

Should Zenosense successfully co-develop a cost-effective MRSA detector the Company considers it is likely to be highly attractive to prospective distribution partners and end users, to address the multi billion, and often lethal, MRSA problem.

A Few Points To Consider… 

Insurance companies are pushing hospitals to do a better of job containing superbugs, even though they are resistant to every drug now available.
Medicare has moved to stop paying bills for certain hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).
The Center for Disease Control sounded an alarm recently – reporting that superbugs will cause an estimated 100,000 deaths each year and preventative actions could result in as much as over $30 billion a year in medical costs savings.


Two Reasons We Like ZENO At The Levels: 

  1. More than 10,000 hospitals across America and thousands more worldwide could be stampeding to ZenoSense (ZENO).
  2. Hospitals would pay a lot for this breakthrough device. But they won’t have to because ZenoSense can offer these devices at shocking low prices since it only costs as low as $50 to make. Once launched, sales of the company’s amazing solution could top $1 billion within the first 12 months and early ZENO investors stand to make quite the sum.

The following links provide further reading on the problems and dangers of MRSA and HAIs

Latest Press Release:

In Conclusion

We at the UndervaluedReport no doubt have a knack for picking consistent gainers before the rest of the street finds out. We think we’ve done exactly that here again with ZENO. We estimate gains of 500% or more within the next two years. Stay tuned for more news from us on this exciting small cap company.


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