This UnderValued Play (Symbol ZENO) Could Make You Wealthy In No Time

Zenosense | ZENO: MRSA Detection & Protection

Zenosense Inc. is the holder of an exclusive global license agreement to develop and market a device for use in hospitals to detect the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus “Super-Bug” (MRSA).

Zenosense has an outsourced development model, contracting-out device development to a known sensor developer with the capability to produce such a sophisticated device.

Zenosense Inc. OTC QB | ZENO’s sole aim is to co-develop and market a cost effective device to detect the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus “Super-Bug” (MRSA), for use in health care settings such as hospitals.

Sensor technology has to be one of the biggest, most-exciting technological frontiers the human race has encountered in decades.

ZenoSense is working on the science of smell, developing what’s come to be known as an electronic nose, or simply, an e-nose.

As you are about to discover, ZenoSense shares could easily catapult from under $1 to over $8

Both the science and the profit potential for ZenoSense are so amazing you might think this is all too incredible to be true. But because of the massive pent-up demand for their lead product, early ZENO investors could see a $5,000 investment soar to $40,000 in the short term.

The high financial toll on private and public health care systems caused by MRSA is a critical issue for healthcare providers and authorities. Early detection is vital so that protective measures, such as deep cleaning and ward / patient isolation, can be carried out.

The Company’s outsourced development model contracts out its device development to a known sensor developer, the Sgenia Group (Sgenia), based in Madrid, Spain. Zenosense considers that Sgenia has the capability to produce such a sophisticated, cost-effective device for Zenosense. This development started in December, 2013.

Should Zenosense successfully co-develop a cost-effective MRSA detector the Company considers it is likely to be highly attractive to prospective distribution partners and end users, to address the multi $billion, often lethal, MRSA problem

Development is intended to be completed in three distinct phases.

  • Phase 1 will be to produce a prototype of MRSA/SA detection device based on the Sgenia technology, having the capacity to detect MRSA/SA contamination. This will require substantial engineering work needed to modify and adapt existing sensor capabilities to the proposed application and modification of algorithms to conform with MRSA or SA bacteria analysis It is envisaged that all these developments will be protected as industrial secrets and will not be patented.
  • Phase 2 will be to produce prototypes and conduct laboratory tests with a minimum of 20 beta versions of the MRSA/SA detection device and then delivering a pre-production design suitable for hospital use. Critical to this phase will be validating the device and achieving accuracy and repeatability performance. Testing will include addressing contamination influences of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and other gasses) and interference from other families of bacteria; and achieving the standard and quality levels required for hospital usage.
  • Phase 3 will be to obtain relevant regulatory approvals in the US and European Union, to produce a final product ready for mass production and marketing. It is anticipated that this phase will include final testing by an external and specialist laboratory of microbiology, preparing and pursuing applications for approval and remedying any problems detected during testing, and preparation for mass production of the device once all relevant tests and approvals obtained.

#1 PROFITS could surge beyond expectations for early investors who buy ZENO while it’s still under $1. Initial target is $8.
#2 SALES of its first sensory-technology medical device could reach $1 billion in 12 months – ZenoSense will enjoy a terrific profit margin – the company’s solution for the world’s superbug crisis cost about $50 to make.
#3 HOTTEST SECTOR right now is sensory technology and ZENO’s brilliance is tapping into the mega-billions involved in healthcare.
#4 DEMAND for the sensory-technology products from ZenoSense is already through the roof.
#5 TAKEOVER TARGET potential. Sensory technology is revolutionary and ZenoSense’s future is virtually unlimited… thanks in large part to its profit-protecting patent.
#6 PATENT-PROTECTED PROFITS thanks to the unique pattern recognition and processing technology that allows ZenoSense products to gain a near-infinite number of “smell” sensors, which means…
#7 NEW PRODUCTS from ZenoSense’s pipeline could soon emerge, igniting a second and perhaps bigger surge in sales, profits, and share price. Our initial target of $8 could double.
#8 BREAKTHROUGH in the battle against an Over $10 Billion Medical Crisis that’s spreading around the world. For the first time – the deadly bacteria that drugs can’t kill have nowhere to hide.
#9 THIS REVOLUTION IS JUST GETTING STARTED! Future sensory-technology applications could be quite astounding. Amazing sensory powers could be programmed to detect practically everything.
#10 WON’T BE EARLY FOREVER, but if you act now, you can be an early investor in ZENO. Monster profits could be yours ahead of Wall Street – ZenoSense just went public and no one on Wall Street is covering the stock yet. When they do, today’s ground-floor-under-$1 price could bust through the clouds.

Early investors – the ones acting today on
this information – stand to make the most money

Only 1 in 5 of the top 40 healthcare companies are publicly traded, which is why the public rarely gets the chance to invest in opportunities such as the one ZenoSense (ZENO) is presenting to us right now. Best of all, the company came onto the radar at a very low price. Put ZENO in your portfolio today!

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