Breaking News From GSML Could Send It Soaring

G&S Minerals Enters Consulting Agreement with Cannabis Textiles, Inc. to Establish Hemp Business in Colorado

Company Redomiciling as Hemp Industries, Inc. in Denver, CO, Launches New Website and Becomes Current on OTC Markets

July 18, 2014 / G&S Minerals, Inc. (OTC: GSML) today announced that the Company has entered into a consulting agreement with Cannabis Textiles, Inc., a Colorado-based company that will produce hemp fiber and oil for use in commercial products such as cosmetics, clothing, rope, paper and fuel.

Additionally, the Company’s management announced that G&S Minerals, Inc. has become current on the OTC Markets with the recent filing of its 2014 first quarterly report will now be doing business as “DBA” Hemp Industries, Inc. as the Company is in the process of redomiciling in the state of Colorado and relocating its headquarters to Denver, CO. In conjunction with the Company’s new name and business, it has launched a new corporate website,

According to the Company’s recent agreement, Cannabis Textiles, which is licensed to grow hemp in the state of Colorado, will provide consulting services in exchange for a cash sum. These services include, but are not limited to the location and procurement of real estate within the state of Colorado to farm and cultivate hemp and hemp products, acquire hemp seeds, and identify and act on viable hemp-product related business opportunities.

“We are very excited to announce Hemp Industries’ new business model and corporate website. Also, management would like to clarify to our shareholders that the Company has changed its name from Cannabis Holdings, Inc. to Hemp Industries, Inc. to avoid potential confusion with an existing company with that name as well as the fact that our business model is focused on the hemp strain of the cannabis plant. We are currently in the process of officially relocating our corporation and anticipate this to be complete in the near future,” commented Hemp Industries’ CEO, Joseph Pittera.

“Additionally, the Company is pleased to announce our new consulting agreement with Cannabis Textiles and strongly believes that our two companies can build on existing business to grow, sell and ultimately process hemp in the state of Colorado. The hemp market in the US is rapidly growing and we will continue to seek lucrative opportunities to acquire or partner with other companies in this industry to maximize revenue and increase shareholder value,” added Mr. Pittera.

About Hemp Industries, Inc.

Hemp Industries, Inc. is a Colorado-based corporation specializing in growing and selling hemp for use in commercial products worldwide. The Company intends to expand its business by acquiring and partnering with existing companies in the industry and eventually process its own hemp locally.

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