CJTF Is Our New Undervalued Play: Gold & Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. announces 2nd quarter new revenue

Gold & Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. (CJTF), a junior mining company in Nevada, announced new testing to commence in Nevada. cjtf
From the company testing announced in April test production of 1/3 oz of gold was made from 1 ton or ore from our first test run. Revenue from this testing was booked in the second quarter and will be included in the June 30, 2014 financials.

The company is now moving to its next test site In Nevada and will assay a short ton of ore gathered in a random sampling in forty 5 gal buckets of test ore. The plan is to use this test data to scale for a larger notice of intent filing to permit 1,000 tons per 20 acres of ore to be to commence being extracted in the fall. This operation in the fall will recover and process ore from several 20 acre parcels and will enable the company to process and generate cash the flow while also determining the size and scope of future full production operations. Additional information and public announcements regarding this site will be made once this initial round of testing is completed. Known gold and silver are in the area now being tested and results of this testing will be announced by end of summer

Visit to our web site at www.goldandsilvermining.com and OTC Markets (CJTF) news and note the other news releases about production for 2014 as well (http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/CJTF/quote).

About Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. We are a Gold and Silver Mining company focused on developing and bringing into production mining properties in Nevada, Arizona and California that are ready to come into production in the near future.

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