iL2M International Corp. (OTCQB: ILIM) Launches, Its First Web Platform

iL2M International Corp. (the “Company” or “”) (OTCQB: ILIM), an emerging music entertainment and social media company is pleased to announce the launch of its first web platform, (or or is a co-creation based fashion/beauty portal that will give users access to our various websites covering Teen, Urban, EDM, Japanese, Korean, Bollywood and High Fashion. Each category will have its own web page address and social media handle allowing us to have more websites and content per website. Our content, specifically tailored for mobile devices, will be co-created with Generation C — “The Connected Customer”, makeup artists, fashion designers and brands. Since the format of our platform will be mobile, picture and video based, it will encourage Generation C to co-create, write, watch and engage with us from anywhere.

We have two initial platform content strategies. Our Video Content Strategy focuses on co-creating content with established YouTube makeup artists who we believe have between 250K to 1 Million followers, recording artists who we believe have a fan base of 50K to 1 Million followers, beauty brands and Generation C. Our Magazine Content Strategy focuses on co-creating mobile fashion magazine content with brands, fashion designers, writers, artists, recording artists, celebrities, and Generation C. iLink2Fashion Magazine will co-create, write, produce and also interview celebrities with Generation C. We will release two issues per month to keep up to date with fashion. We will also give fans “behind the scenes content” such as makeup looks from makeup artists, fashion looks from fashion designers, showcase fans’ makeup and fashion looks, and sponsor co-creation contests on our various social networks.

We believe that YouTube makeup artists have grown exponentially in the last few years. Brands are now using these artists to advertise their products to Generation C who want to see beauty products used on trusted Internet stars before they buy products themselves. Up and Coming Recording Artists are very popular among Generation C therefore our strategy is to make videos with makeup and recording artists, brands, and Generation C in order to bring these four communities together. Recording artists will be the models in the videos and their songs will be featured in the tutorials, YouTube makeup artists will apply the beauty products and voice the tutorials and Generation C will co-create the looks that they want to see on the artists. Brands and sponsors will also be able to co-create with Generation C, Recording Artists and Makeup Artists. The products used in the tutorial videos will be sponsored by beauty and makeup brands, various companies and we will also use product placement strategies. The brands will also sponsor the locations of the shoots and all the products sponsored/used in these videos will be given to the users who helped co-create the tutorials. We also intend to partner with YouTube makeup artists that help in co-created content. The partnership will include using our platform as their main site, providing sponsorships and branding, and growing their brand and online community within our site.

Contesting will also be done through mobile devices. With a passion for fashion and content, our writers will be Generation C. We will also include guest celebrity writers and professionals from the fashion industry within our platform. We are currently working on partnering with various fashion/beauty schools with a view to give their students a platform to co-create their very own designs and artistry with brands and Generation C. In addition, we will also have fashion co-creation contests, giving winning students exposure and an opportunity to show their lines on our website.

“We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our first web portal,” states Mr. Tsaoussian, President of iL2M. “We are very confident that will be able to involve users in more captivating and colorful ways both through mass collaboration and profound co-creation.”

About iL2M International Corp. and
iL2M (OTCQB: ILIM) is an emerging music entertainment and social media company based out of Burbank, California. The company is in beta to launch the digital media platform, which provides an evolutionary online application that consolidates the way people enjoy and manage their social media, music, and entertainment. The company intends to generate exclusive online celebrity radio, video, events, and content, and generate revenue from multi-sensory branding, content licensing, co-creation, and product placement through an immersive user experience. iL2M is publicly-traded on the OTCQB in the United States under the ticker symbol ILIM. For more information, please visit us at

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