It’s Time To Buy CMXC: Our Latest UnderValued Play

Cell MedX Corp. (CMXC), Announces the formation of an Advisory Board with John Sanderson MD as Chairman

Cell MedX Corp.CMXC, +2.99% (the “Company”) announces the formation of an Advisory Board with Dr. John Sanderson MD as its Chairman. Dr. Sanderson will be organizing the development team and protocols necessary to advance the development of the Company’s proposed technology, including the clinical trial phases and oversight of the results of those trials. Dr. Sanderson is accepting this appointment as an interim position in the anticipation of joincmxcing the Company as its Chief Medical Director. Dr. Sanderson is a stem cell researcher who began his career in clinical medicine specializing in diabetes and intravenous nutrition of critically ill patients. He has received NIH funding, has multiple issued patents and published numerous academic papers as principal investigator. While a medical director and consultant at Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Sanderson was tasked with due diligence oversight for mergers and acquisitions, formulating strategic initiatives, and evaluating new technologies. As a consultant to Fortune 100 health care companies and the U.S. government, Dr. Sanderson worked with some of the greatest minds of the day devising technological solutions to important public health challenges such as obesity, diabetes, and asthma.

About Cell MedX Corp.:

Cell MedX Corp. (the “Company”) is an early development stage company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutic solutions for patients suffering the symptoms from diseases such as diabetes with technologies designed to help manage the complications commonly associated with these types of illnesses. The Company has entered into a binding agreement to acquire a proprietary technology for the treatment of diabetes and related ailments. The Company expects to complete the acquisition of this technology in November 2014.

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