MDHI Launches a Fully Integrated Online Management System for Its iHelp Mobile Medical Alert Device

Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (MDHI) (the Company), the creator of the patented MediPendant® personal medical alarm device that provides users with a reliable and innovative mdhiway to communicate with emergency personnel and loved ones whenever medical assistance is needed, today announces the launch of a fully integrated online service solution designed specifically for dealers and distributors of the recently released mobile medical alert device, the iHelp™.

The iHelp™ online management system provides a front facing dealer portal, which can be accessed by going to The portal enables dealers to manage their iHelp™ devices and user accounts, while simultaneously pushing this data to the back end system, telematics interfaces, and monitoring center account interface in real-time. The system provides seamless integration and automation of inventory management, along with robust reporting capabilities, and greatly reduces overhead and manual processing for increased efficiency and accuracy. It will no longer be necessary for the dealer to go through multiple steps to get their medical alarm systems programmed, re-programmed and/or updated.

The customized and proprietary back end system enhances Medical Alarm Concept’s business model and process flow. There are currently three (3) monitoring companies that have been fully integrated into the system. The Company is continuing to work directly with additional participating monitoring centers to integrate their account management systems into the dealer portal, thereby enabling the dealer to communicate with the monitoring center of their choice.

Medical Alarm Concepts plans to enhance the portal in the near future with interactive webinars and important product updates in a continuing effort to support the dealer as effectively as possible. The company is also pressing ahead with the increasing demand for the iHelp™. One thousand (1000) additional units have been ordered and are expected to be available in the beginning of March 2015.

Speaking about the new online portal and gateway, Vice President of Information Technology, Anthony Chetta stated, “We are very excited about the dealer portal and its ability to provide a full service back end system for our iHelp™ dealers. We will continue to enhance the services available on the portal in an effort to provide more efficient and effective processes and procedures for the Company and our customers.”

About Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc.
Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc., a publicly traded company under the symbol MDHI, is the creator of the MediPendant®, a patented two-way and three-way medical alarm, as well as the iHelp Mobile Medical Alert, a state-of-the-art mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS). The MediPendant® is featured in nationally renowned retailer Costco Wholesale Corporation since 2011 and has received 28 product reviews on the retailer’s website, 21 of which are “5 out of 5 Star” ratings. The average rating is “4.5 Stars” out of 5 Stars.

For more information, please visit our website at or

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