EMP Solutions, Inc. Corporate Update

EMP Solutions, Inc. (US OTC: EMPS) would like to provide a corporate update to its shareholders.


EMP Solutions, Inc. specializes in electromagnetic protection through the distribution of its patented PDCE Suppressor. The PDCE Suppressor can prevent the formation of lightning within a protected area using deionization technology. By reducing the difference of potential between the cloud and ground, the PDCE creates a lightning free zone area of 337,000 feet per device. Units are currently installed in the Panama Canal, airports, solar fields, cell phone towers, sports fields, schools, universities, yachts and more.

In addition to lightning protection and working under the same principles of electromagnetic protection, EMP Solutions, Inc. can also provide protection against Electromagnetic Pulse in the form of solar flares and weaponized EMPs. This protection will primarily be of interest to data centers, critical communication facilities and military installations.


The PDCE Suppressor has undergone rigorous lab and field tests for lightning protection, EMP protection and enviromental compatibility. It was issued a NATO catalog number in 2013 (NATO: SUM81) and approved for use among all NATO countries. The device also complies with the National Fire Protection Association’s code 780 for Lightning Protection.

Each and every test has proven that the PDCE outperforms, based on a number of criteria, other forms of lightning protection on the market today. For more testing information please visitwww.empsolutionsinc.com.


EMP Solutions, Inc. has incorporated a strategy which utilizes a network of Independent Reps and Trade Show Marketing. In the past 3 months the company has exhibted at:

– IWCE – International Wireless Communications Expo – Las Vegas, NV
– Florida Building & Facilities Manager Expo – Tampa, FL
– Hamvention – The world’s largest amatuer radio expo – Dayton, OH
– DUG East- Marcellas Shale & Utica fracking show to be held in June 2015.

Each show has exposed the company to unique prospects and potential customers. EMP Solutions is aggressively exploring all opportunities from these shows and well as planning future venues to showcase our product. EMP Solutions, Inc. currently has representation in 12 states including the lightning capital of the United States, Florida. EMP continues to seek representation in the remaining 38 states in the form of independent reps or strategic partnerships with exisiting companies.


A stark contrast between conventional lightning protection and the PDCE is the added element of public safety benefits. The PDCE Lightning Suppressor creates an umbrella of protection which protects people as well as buildings and equipment. This safety benefit is especially important in areas that have typically been danger zones for lighting strikes such as sports fields, beaches and golf courses. EMP Solutions is creating numerous programs to expedite the sale and installation of the PDCE Lightning Suppressors to areas with high public risk such as schools and sports clubs. Additionally, EMP Solutions is exploring projects in countries such as India and Pakistan, where lightning is reponsible for thousands of deaths each year.


EMP Solutions, Inc., upon formation, named Jay B. Kothari as President and CEO. Mr. Kothari, a Chicago native, has extensive management experience and has been involved in both domestic and international start-up companies. Fernanda Eaton, a Brazilian national and U.S. resident has been appointed to Secretary/Treasurer. The company is currently identifying and negotiating with other ‘C’ level candidates from various industries to create a strong management team that can expand EMP’s reach within specific markets. Additionally, the company is in the process of finalizing the appointment of an advisory board.

“The PDCE is the greatest advancement in lightning protection in the last century. Its social and economic impacts will position it to be the new standard in lightning protection,” said CEO Jay Kothari. When asked about the electromagnetic pulse protection benefits, Kothari stated, “Now more than ever the nation is concerned with an EMP Strike. Most experts agree that the question isnt ‘if’ but ‘when’, and recent actions of the government only solidify this concern. Our EMP protection device offers an affordable way to protect against electromagnetic pulse that is more practical than your standard Farraday Cage.”


Statements in this message that are not based on historical or current facts, including without limitation statements containing the words “anticipates,” “believes,” “may,” “continues,” “estimates,” “expects,” and “will” and words of similar import, constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, events or developments to be materially different from any future results, events or developments expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, among others, the following: general economic and business conditions, both nationally and in the regions in which EMP Solutions, Inc. (EMP) operates; history of losses and lack of and uncertainty of revenues, ability to obtain required financing, receipt of regulatory approval of product candidates, ability to properly integrate newly acquired businesses, technology changes; competition; changes in business strategy or development plans; the ability to attract and retain qualified personnel; existing governmental regulations and changes in, or the failure to comply with, governmental regulations; liability and other claims asserted against EMP ; and other factors referenced in EMP ‘s filings with national securities regulators. Although EMP believes that expectations conveyed by the forward-looking statements are reasonable based on the information available to it on the date such statements were made, no assurances can be given as to the future results, approvals or achievements. Given these uncertainties, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements. EMP does not assume the obligation to update any forward-looking statements except as otherwise required by applicable law.

For more information about the Company, its product or services please visithttp://www.empsolutionsinc.com

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