Endonovo Therapeutics (ENDV) Is UnderValued

Endonovo Therapeutics (ENDV) is a biotechnology company developing off-the-shelf regenerative products that no longer require the injection of stem cells. Our first platform, Cell FreeEndonovo Therapeutics Therapeutics, harnesses the biological secretions of cells to create therapies that can be immediately administered following injuries or to treat acute and chronic diseases. Our second platform is the development of non-invasive, bioelectronics to stimulate the body’s natural repair system to treat injuries and inflammatory diseases.

Advantages of Cell Free Therapeutics

Cell Free Therapeutics represent a next generation of regenerative products that may be able to mitigate many of the drawbacks of stem cell transplants. Endonovo Therapeutics is developing novel Cell Free Therapeutics based on the use of adult pluripotent or progenitor stem cells for the production and manufacturing of therapeutic biomolecules for use in regenerative medicine. The potential advantages of Cell Free Therapeutics, include:

  • Truly “off-the-shelf” therapies that could be administered immediately following the onset of ischemic conditions, such as a stroke or a heart attack to protect ischemic tissues and promote their regeneration
  • Scalable production leading to affordability of products compared to cell therapies
  • Simpler to manufacture, store and transport in comparison to cell therapies
  • Better quality control of products in comparison to cell therapies
  • Stimulate endogenous repair system
  • Less risk of adverse immunological responses (immunogenicity)
  • Less risk or tumorigenicity

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