UndervaluedReport.com Disclaimer We in no way claim that we have investigated the financial , accounting, business practices of the companies that we have profiled. As a result it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a financial consultant or adviser prior to investing in any stock that we profile. UndervaluedReport.com recommends that anyone trading or investing in securities, should do so with caution and consult with their stockbroker or financial adviser before doing so. Past performance may not be indicative of future performance. Day trading is considered highly risky and trader must accept full risk for this venture. UndervaluedReport.com (UVR)may send paid e-mails to its subscribers at times. undervaluedreport.com is not compensated by any companies on the Canadian and US penny stocks to watch pages. “Profiled companies” have a full disclaimer at the bottom of disclaimer page that list if any payment has been made to undervaluedreport.com for coverage of those companies. undervaluedreport.com is not liable for any losses or damages, monetary or otherwise that results from buying or selling on the information found in this website or it’s e-mails. We may be long in some of the stocks that we recommend. Starting in 2009 UVR has received compensation from a third-party for coverage of Defense Solutions (Symbol 100,000 DFSH) as well as Atlantic Energy (125,000 symbol AESO) and the Mundus Group (120,000 MNDP) and IDO Security (3,000,000 IDOI) and Sunergy (40,000 SNEY) and Iconic Brands(45,000 ICNB) as well as $3,500 for Plasma Tech, Inc.Starting in 2010: along with five million shares Mobile Media (Symbol MMUH) and 20,000 Shares of Refill Energy (Ticker REFG) as well as anticipation of 100,00 shares of City Capital Corp(CTCC) from a non-affiliate 3rd party . Starting in 2011: $7,500 for coverage of Quant4 from a third-party as well as $5,000 from a third-party for coverage of Orofino Gold(ORFG) and $2,500 for QuantFour(QFOR) as well as $3,500 for coverage of Onteco Corp and $2,500 for cover coverage of QED Connect(QEDN) along with another $1000 for coverage of Next 1 (NXOI) in addition to $5,000 for coverage of China Wind Power International(CNW.V) and $1,500 for MC Endeavor(MSMY) and 100,000 shares of Mimvi Corp (MIMV) along with five hundred dollars for coverage of RTG Ventures,Inc. (RTGV) and another fifteen hundred dollars for Medi Swipe, Inc. (MWIP) plus an additional one thousand dollar for Viking Minerals Inc.(VKML) and an additional fifteen hundred dollars for TOFS.PK . In addition to one thousand dollars for coverage of Max Media(MXMI) and NavStar (NVSR) . Starting in 2012: UVR was also compensated $1,899.00 for coverage of Marine Exploration Corp. (MEXP). UVR was also compensated $1,500.00 for coverage of Dig-it (DIGX) and an additional $1,500.00 for coverage of Arcis, Inc.(ARCS) along with $1,500 for coverage of Scorpex, Inc.(SRPX) with an additional $1,900.00 for coverage of SourcingLink (SNET) along with $19,500 for coverage of Universal BioEnergy(UBRG). An additional $13,500.00 for coverage of Baristas Coffee (BCCI) along with an additional $4,000 for coverage of AvWorks Corp.(SPLI) as well as $5,000 for Imogo Corp. (IMTC) and $6,750.00 for coverage of Bio-Solutions Group(BISU) and $3,000 for coverage of Holland Industrial (HIMR) and $2,450.00 for coverage of Carbon Credits Corp(CARN) along with $1,500 for coverage of Get Real USA(GTRL) and $1,500 for Micron Enviro(MSVS) and another $1,500 for Symbol: LHPT LightHouse Petroleum. Starting in 2013: $2,500.00 for one day of coverage for Syncronos Internernational(SNTL) and up to $1,000 for coverage of ATTD and an additional $1,000 for iMing Corp(IMNG) and up to $1,500 for Harvey-Westbury Corp(HVYW) and $8,500 for US Tungsten Corp(USTU) and $2,000 for one day of coverage on Oriens (OTHM) along with 50,000 shares of Amerigo Energy(AGOE) and an additional $1,500 for coverage of Prince Mexico(LUVE) and an additional $1,000 for coverage of Medifirst Solutions(MFST) and an additional $1,000 for MyeCheck (MYEC) along with $1,000 for Luxuria Brands (ASCC) and another $1,000 for symbol DUCP and an additional $1,000 for Amarantus (AMBS) along with an additional $1,000 for Resource Ventures, Inc. (REVI) and $2,000 for EnviroServ(EVSV) and $5,000 for PositiveID Corp. (PSIDD) and $12,000 for FBC Holdings(FBCD) along with an additional $2,000 for US Precious Metals (USPR) and $2,000 for Inscor, Inc.(IOGA) and $12,000 for SanWire (NTMG) and $2,000 for seen on screen (SONT) plus $3,000 for Great American Energy (SRBL) and $2,500 for Suspect Detection Systems (SDSS) and $4,000 for Creative Edge Nutrition (FITX) along with $9,000 for coverage of Eco-Tek (ETEK) and $3,000 for Grillit (GRLT) along with $3,000 for Promithian Ventures(PGVI) and two thousand dollar for One2One Living Corp (LOVI) and five thousand for AimRite Holdings (AIMH)along with $14.500 for The Alkaline Water Co (WTER) along with $4,000 for Omega Financial (OCFN) and $1,000 for one day coverage of Amplitech (AMPG) and $4,000 for mLight Tech(MLGT) and $4,000 for Sterling Consolidated (STCC) and another $4,000 for Sterling Consolidated (ERNI) along with an additional $12,000 for SGD Holdings Corp (SGDH) and $12,000 for LD Holdings (LDHL) and another $12,000 for Green Endeavors (GRNE) and another $12,000 for Exilites Inc (EXHI) Starting in 2014: along with $4,000 for GFOX and another $19,000 for REFG and $4,000 for Embarr Downs (EMBR) and $7,500 for Suburban minerals (SUBB) and $4,000 for co-signer Inc. (COSR) along with $1,000 for Reel Biz Media (RBIZ) and another $1.000 for STKO and $1,000 for PHIN along with $1,000 for Strategic Global (STBV) along with $1,000 for GASE and another $1,000 for Nexia Corp (NXHD) along with $4,000 for One World Holdings (OWOO) and $1,000 for ChitChatr CHICF along with $1,000 for SING and another $1,000 for Orion Management (OTHM) and $4,000 for ZenoSense (ZENO) along with $12,000 For Cannabis Science (CBIS) and $1,000 for Amazonica (AMZZ) and $1,000 for TNEN and $1,000 for GSML and $4,000 for MEDA and $5,500 for CJTF and $4,000 for EVPH and $1,000 for ILIM as well as $1,500 for KGET and another $1,500 for KIMJF along with $8,000 for CTLE and $1,000 for Axxess Pharma (AXXE) and an additional $1,000 for Marani Brands (MRIB) along with $4,000 for Dalton Industries (DALT) and twelve thousand for CellMedX CMXC and   $1,000 for Hawker Energy (HWKR). Starting 2015: $5,500 Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (MDHI) and $1,000 for EMP Solutions Inc. (EMPS) and $1,000 for Endonovo Therapeutics Inc. (ENDV) along with $12,000 for Cybergy (CYBG) in addition to $4,000 for mPhase Technologies (XDSL) Starting 2016: $12,000 for Progressive Care (RXMD) along with $1,000 for MyDx, Inc (MYDX). Starting in 2017: $12,000 for Signature Devices Inc. (SDVI) and $4,000 for Sharing services inc. (SHRV)along with another $4,000 for Lot75 corp. (LOTE) Starting in 2018: $12,000 for Virtual Crypto Tech Corp (VRCP) . Starting in 2019 $4,000 for DNA brands (DNAX) and $12,000 for ENXC . Starting in 2020 $12,000 for Cuentas Corp (CUEN) Please understand one can stand to lose all or most of their investment, and should not speculate with funds they would not put at risk. However we do not make any recommendations to buy or sell any security. Consulting a financial consultant before you make any trade is always the best thing to do.

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