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EMP Solutions, Inc. Announces 15 Unit Sale to Real Estate Management Company

EMP Solutions, Inc. (EMPS) entered into an agreement with Ohio based Tri-R-Rentals, Inc., a property management company, to provide them with 15 PDCE Lightning Suppressors for use on various residential and commercial properties. Lightning damage claims have increased in Ohio over the years and this move will allow Tri-R-Rentals, Inc. to protect their assets while […]

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CTCC Profit Machine: Reasons to invest in this UnderValued Play

Expanding at a rapid rate, City Capital Corp. (CTCC) is on pace to double it’s footprint in just over a year. Currently, CTCC is producing revenue from over 100 locations and over 3000 machines in operation in states like North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Arizona, Louisiana, Georgia, and three more underway. “They’re called “Sweepstakes” […]

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